Betty's Page awwwwww (just go along with me...)

hi, my name is bob. if you believe that, you're an idiot! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. stooooopid.

here is some information about me.

i am:

i have:

here is some of my work:

can you read the message in the pictures?

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other work (done before)

piggy < = click to enlarge = > nathan

        this is a piggy                                                   this is a drawing of my (ex) boyfriend

funny link! funny link!!!! mooooooo!!!! does your cow have mad cow disease? click => here <= to test and find out!

this page was done in a class that my mom paid a hundred som'n dollars for and we did nothing and the stuff we DID do was deleted and so i had about half an hour to do this and this is all i got from this hundred som'n dollar class and so it sucks but you can go to a bigger page of sucky stuff which is my actual web page and that is at this hyperlink down a line with the arrows around it

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