Snacky McSnackerson

Yesterday was bad. I couldn’t get out of bed. Finally did at like 3pm. ๐Ÿ™ ย I forced myself to yoga at 4:30pm then went to visit Curtis and then went to ma’s. Worked until midnight then went to bed.

Got up today at 12:30pm. Usually I get up way earlier since the sun hits me in the face, but I managed to sleep until my mom woke me up. I hate PMS. At least I didn’t bloat this time ๐Ÿ˜€ ย Just crazy sleepiness. ย ๐Ÿ™

Today was a horrible food day. HORRIBLE. Woke up and had a salad and some soup my mom made, then some rice and tofu and veggies. Not too bad, but there was a LOT of oil. My tummy hurt. I wanted to eat some Sour Punch Straws that I got last month, but when I looked at my purse I remembered I had some brownie in there. Ate that. Drove my mom to the train station at 5pm and got there at 5:32pm for her 5:40pm train. Cutting it close there, ma.

Had some gummi bears. Came home and had BBQ Pop Chips. Felt munchy and had some chocolate. It was 90% cocoa so I was dying for milk, so cracked open my coconut milk and had a few swigs of that. I still have the taste of the Pop Chips in my mouth so I want to eat more. Feeling like more rice, but way too lazy to cook some bok choy right now. OK so I guess the day wasn’t THAT bad… I just feel like I keep eating crap.

Been hanging out online a lot. Have two weddings coming up and a baby shower. I want to see Bridesmaids. I’ll be Maid of Honor October 29. Starting to plan the bachelorette party or I know I’ll forget to. How bad would that be. :p

I think I’m going to cut up a green pepper and eat it.

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