yes... a whole page... for things i like. yep. la dee daa (taking up space...) ok. begin!



acting- ok ok, so i suck. and i can't memorize lines worth CDAAAHHHHP... but... i still like it

chocolate- ok, who doesn't? come on. step uh--down! yeah! come on! i know you're out there! who doesn't like chocolate??!! yeah. that's what i thought.

"ck1"- ah. gotta love sniffin' good ol' ck1.

cows- moo

deodorant- it WAS aarid xx ultra clear active fresh. but NOOOOO. stupid company had to discontinue making the ONE that i LIKED. stupid. so now it's dove invisible solid fresh. it's better than STUPID aaird. so THERE!!! *sniff*... i miss you aaird :( please come back

drawing- once again, i suck at it. but still, i do it for fun... ok, so i wanna get in to an art college some time... ha... still... i'm tryin' :|

"eternity"- i dunno, i just have a thing for cologne. perfume i have absolutely no tolerance for, but cologne. ooo yeah. thas good stuff.

erasing of chalk boards- this is truly now an obsession. i love watching swift swoops of clean erasings of a chalkboard, or cleaning it and so every little bit of chalk is gone, or watching all the chalk get erased...

those nifty doodle finger mark bruises- you know when someone grabs you really hard, then it leaves a bruise with finger marks? i dunno why but i just think those are so cute. awwwwww.

good music- well, that just means stuff i like. others may think that it's CDAAAHHHHP but... hey... i like it. that's all that matters. to me. shuh up, stoo-piiiih...

green- peeeeerty. i like green eyes the most. next to crystal clear sparkling lake blue. oooo.

green pens- horny pen!!!! too bad i don't have enuf, eh? ha ha ha

guy's clothes- it's so comfy. i really think it's not fair that girls gotta wear these tight clothes that only pencil people can fit in to. it's just... um... well... not possible. i think i should be a 0. but no. i'm a 5. why? cuz my waist isn't 2 inches round. so i'm stuck with pants that could be cut through the middle and made in to freaking wedding gowns!!!!!! aahhhhhHHHH!!!!!! no... i'm not BITTER... ggggrrrr... arrrrr... grrrrr-uff! ruff ruff!... meOW. woah... where'd that come from

IMing- my aim screen name is "Bandnana No 1" and my icq number is "33149938"

pants- pants were the cure for ridding me of a sock tan. yay! and they're just good lookin'. and comfy. speshly since now all there are are short shorts. and no one likes short shorts. ok, so maybe guys do. and girls. ok so it's just me. i'm feeling aaaawfully stupid now. alright. next!!!

parties- weeeeee! note to all bud togans: i shall continue the e.o.t.y. party tradition. not every year, but to the people on the contact list... you shall be contacted every so often. if you're not on it, email me and tell me your email/address which shall be "permanent" for atleast 4 months

pelvic lines- *reor* oh baby

poofy dresses- poofy poof. peeerty. oooeeee.

rhymes- accidental rhyming. it amuzes me sooo easily. wow... how? EEEEE! i love it.

seeing movies- too bad they're 5 million dollars nowaday...

singing- yeah yeah, i suck. fun. sing. yay.

sleeping (not by myself anymore, i've found the cure to coldness... take heat from a nice warm... heating blanket. ok ok. a guy. they're warm.)- i'm tired a lot. sleeping rids me of bad thoughts. like... bad stuff. course i get them bad dreams every once in a while... but... eh, those are ok. better than... bad thoughts. yep. definitely better. and i'm tired a lot. i fell asleep standing once...

those really dorky commercials that are hilarious- like that one in the car and he's singing but you can't hear the music... or that bad one that's like this guy playing "another one bites the dust" and you find out he's the head of a funeral car... or...

wrastling- eez goot. not that stupid wwf stuff (course now my sister's into it and all that's ever on when she watches is "stone cold! stone cold! yeeeeahhh!!! no! no! eeeew. not chyna! aw yeah! go pimp daddy!" *sigh* what has this world come to. anyway.) yeah, i like collegic wrestling. eez goot, eez goot.

more favorites! duh... favorites page... anyway. these are catagorized. gee. you must be really bored to have read this far. poor you... you're like me. that's scary. *shudder*:


this is actually more of a "recommend" list for one who doesn't know what to watch and is having a massive movie marathon of betty movies

the emperor's new groove- "unh hunh. unh hunh uh hunh uh hunh..." ~kusco could there be a better movie? i think not.

the little mermaid- "bah-dee lang-gwidge" ~ursela i love singing to this

beauty and the beast- "how can you read this? there's no... pictures..." ~gaston you all gotta know this one by now... it's about this girl and a... beast. if she doesn't fall in love with him, he's doomed to be a beast forever. but... he's very tempermental... will belle fall in love with the beast? *dun dun DUN!* will the beast turn back to a human? *dun dun DUN!!* watch to find ou-- well, think about it. it's a disney movie. :\

lilo and stitch- "bark bark!" ~stitch meeeeeeeeee he he he he heeeeeee!!!!

go!- "it's awl right! i'm okay!" ~simon fun stuff

the fifth element- "chee-kun. good." ~lelu my girl! i love it.

empire records- "i'm wowwen. wowwen beetie." ~"warren" this movie was super great way back when. mat would always go "i wish we were in empire records" and it got really annoying, but yeah. good stuff. back then.

the boondock saints- saw this at the movie marathan at jon's... it's a great movie

labrynth- "ello" "did you say hello?" "no, i said 'ello', but that's close enough" ~wormiei saw this for the first time in kindergarten. scared the pee out of me. but now i watch it... it's a great movie. i love it. wormie!!!!

my neighbor totoro- "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~mei mei and totoro a cute story of childhood creatures who are imaginary to adults but truly exist and are only seen by children

a bug's life- ooo yeah. gotta love hemlich. "i am a beeaaauuuuuutifl butterfly!" ~hemlich buggidee bug bugs... ants are trying to get enough food for themselves and the grasshoppers, their enemy, when disaster strikes. a group of saviors come in... but they're only circus performers! what do they do?! watch and see.

blade- "(what the f***)" ~blade awesome vampire movie of modern times

slingblade- "i like them frech-fried po-ta-toes... uuuuuh huh!" ~main guy it's this story of this guy and a boy and another guy and a lady and another guy. yeah. watch it. it's soooo good. well, if you like simple movies. it's really cute. oh yeah, the main guy is the writer... something to ponder about when you watch it

matrix- neato special effects movie. totally believable plot too... bizarre and... no... not believable... but... wait... maybe... gotta see it to know what it's all about. gotta go in not knowing.

the breakfast club- "they were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. a brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. before the day was over, they broke the rules. bared their souls. and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible."

the princess bride- "as you wish..." ~westley i was surfin' and here's a page with all of the good quotes and here's a site with... stuff :]

prescilla, queen of the desert- australian cross dressers on a mission... oooo it's silly

stand by me- "sick 'm, balls" ~guy to dog strange that it's based on a stephen king novel. it's a tale of 4 friends who go out to discover a dead body in hope of a reward and what happens

dirty dancing- freaking in a movie to gooooood 80's music

the end of the affair- "you know, love doesn't dissappear. just because you don't see it... doesn't mean that it's not there" ~the girl... i don't remember her name a romantic love story that is really well written and acted. i watched it in the airplane and now i want to get it to watch it again. well... ok maybe not. but i liked it a lot and it's a memorable movie worth watching.

the simple life of noah dearborn- simple plot movie of a dude who lives without electricity or a tv or anything modern in the 20th century and is approached by people to tear down his property

spirited away- a girl enters the world of spirits and gods and in the process finds herself and a soul mate

the straight story- a story of a man who drives his tractor across the country. another simple movie that's got a simple pot that moves slow enuf for glaciers to watch but it's a nice rated g movie

here they are in order, the movies written by "silent bob":

clerks- a guy who's told to work at this 7-11 type store on his day off... this is really boring and it's in black and white, but if you see the others before or right after, and listen carefully, you'll catch a lot of stuff in this movie carried in to the others. it's really funny when you notice them. oh... note to viewer... the clerk is REALLY whiny. "i'm not even supposed to be here!" ~main guy

mallrats- this is the funniest (most funny, whatever) of the three, i say. and ca agrees. so there! yeah... it's about these guys who go to the mall as a life. they don't buy anything or work, they just go there to haaaaang. "*smoochie boochies!!!!!!*" ~jay

chasing amy- a guy falls for this lesbian and he tries to convert her so she loves him and goes with him... this movie's quite... different... lotsa random parts "finger cuffs" ~a term used throughout...

dogma- so it wasn't that great. and come on... alanis? right. but i still liked it. it was the funniest. greeeat lines. seriously... i want to go out and get the script. will too when there's a sale. yup. good stuff. oh. and ben and matt looked cute in it. speshly when he was crying at the end. that was cute. awww. squishy little crying matt. awwwww. poor angel. "even god has a sense of humor. look at the platapus..." ~disclaimer

(clerks 2 will be coming out...)

wallace and grommit movies- "leit's goe too sum-weh weh there's cheeeeeeeze, groh-mitt!" ~wallace ah, they're great! gotta love that british humor :] clamation at it's best. well, there's also... gumby... ha, ok, yeah, clamation at it's best :]

acting people

edward norton- he's amazing at portraying characters he plays. is always in character and never looks fake. (american history x, fight club, the score)
shane west- wow (a walk to remember)

milla jovavich- she's so gorgeous and also talented. she plays her roles well. (the fifth element, zoolander, loreal model)
dakota fanning- i'll just say "wow."
cameron diaz- butt dance!!!!
nicole kidman- i wish i could fake an accent...

tv shows

the simpsons- the simpsons are just the best. gotta love it. it's the longest running funniest cartoon ever

malcolm in the middle- oh good god. i was thinking "this show sucks!" at first. then i started actually watching it. is there a funnier non cartoon show? i think not.

buffy the vampire slayer- bye bye buffy... seasons 1-3 rocked. near the end tho it got pretty... eug.

ren and stimpy- BEFORE it got ridiculously repulsive

don't watch much tv nowadays


epic (faith no more), full of grace (sarah mclachlan), i had no right (p.m. dawn), i'll stand by you (the pretenders), i'm ok, you're ok (mxpx), kody (mb20), lately (divine),london rain (heather nova), make you feel my love (bob dylan), meet virginia (train), raining on the sun (naked), say it (voices of theory), snow on the sahara (anguun), stand by me (benny king), the power of goodbye (madonna), the promise (when in rome), wonderful (adam ant)




nookie (i know what it means; i still think the word sounds cute)



(way over said by me)


what the hell, might as well

it/that's great

and then...


yeah, ok

way to...

watch as i...


aristotle (air-is-tot-ul)

erin (air-rinn)

connor (con-err)

persephonie (pur-sef-oe-nee)

urijah (your-ai-yah)

mrs. kerbopple (ker-bop-uhl)



guys' backs. no, not gross ones. i mean nice ones. not pimply and shaggy like a dog. smooth and strong and... oh dear i gotta go change.

cleaning of chalkboards ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

abs mmmmmmmm... tuuuuummy muuuuscle...

things that smell good... e.g.... cologne

pelvic lines *reor*

soft warm fuzzy things. warm fuzzies. tee hee.

green pens

soft fluffy short guy's hair (short hair. not short guys' hair. unless the guy's hair is short). i love petting guys' hair. oooooooo... i'll be back in a few.

clear blue eyes... like chris'...

piercing green eyes... like jon's...


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