october 13, 2000; friday


there's a total of 6 monitors and computers, speakers, cd's, two stereo systems, and... stuff. jon and eric threw everything here and they're having a LAN party tonite with jeremy, and ca. fun stuff. too bad i won't be here... oh well. anyway. am's here now. i gotta go. bye now.


haaaaaaa ha haaaaa!!!!!!
why can't boy ghosts make babies?
give up?... because they have "hollow weenies"!!! HAAAAA HA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy friday the 13th. oooo. mail should be in at 3pm. waaaaiting. gaah. i feel like cdahp.


*sigh*fuck. that's all i have to say.
ok, i have more to say now. i'm officially flunking english. yup. the teacher hates me too. have i said that enuf? i don't think so. anyway. so yeah. it's great. today was the midterm and i had no idea what to write on. it was on fallacies and i didn't even see any. so i wrote some bs and contradicted what i wrote and half way thru class had to start over. she wrote me a special not on my last "paper" and everything saying i'm failing. yay. too bad i missed drop date by a week. i suck. missed another quiz in math.

justin got a cam and is going picture happy. am's picking me up at around 5-6pm and we're goin' back to toga to see "stitch." i'll be back here again in sac by noonish cuz am has cheer again tomorrow nite and then i have the party at 10pm. i feel so sick. my stomach is killing me. even my bear doesn't really comfort me. i dunno where jie is. i tried calling her. mom's at the dali lama in ny or something. so i guess i'm just gonna stay at am's and no one'll know i even went home. don't feel like calling dad cuz then i'll be there at 8pm, concert, then leave for home at like 8am saturday? no point. won't even see him. or jeff or jon. oh no, betty's not having an episode. wasn't manic either the past two days not sleeping either. stupid meds.

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