October 19, 2003



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quote of the while:
jon: crap... i DID put soap in there, didn't i?
david: it's ok, just put some in the dryer.

i'm writing on my new toy/baby... i got a laptop :] giddiness. it was $1299 with a $200 rebate and $65 best buy dollars. i got a $1500 credit at best buy so after getting insurance and everything upfront i just had to pay $10... i only have to pay this for four years! yay! :\ anyway. it's an athlon thing... hp 4560. 512mb ram, 40gb hard drive, dvd/cd-rw combo, 801g integrated wireless lan, 15" screen... yup. good stuff. i was kinda looking at this company "averatec" (never heard of them, have you?) who have this little 12" lappie for like $899 after rebates at staples (and online) and it's super cute... but if i play games then a 15" is better. the little one was like 5 pounds tho... mine's a honkin' 7 or something. imac ibooks are cute as all hell too, but can't play games and yeah, too small if i could. and the whole... my home computer is a pc and they can't talk together. yeah. that's a big thing too. then there's the new tablet pc. apparently they're the new rage at sac state? i dunno... but they're super cute, 4.1 pounds, and you can write on them like a palm... but they're $1699 at best buy. spensive. not MUCH more than mine was, but there's no other rebates and stuff. and the screen is small. i think i'll be laning with jon's buddies when they lan and try and get counterstrike to work for me. and learn quake. yup.

i got the blood results back from my dizziness thing and there was nothing wrong. i'm still weak and dizzy sometimes but it's not AS bad, like i'm gonna pass out. i get real light headed and dizzy tho during weight training. so dizzy.

speaking of which... i'm feeling pretty damned dizzy and crappy right now. i want to be able to dim the light of this screen but i don't know how. i think my lunch (a kfc pot pie) didn't work well with my system. i'm pretty not happy right now. :(

i'm doing really badly in art. still not able to make it to class. we have a test next monday i'm so going to fail. i've missed oh 8 out of 10 lectures (so like 4/5?) and been late to the few i've attended so i missed the first monuments. the class is only a 45 minute class and so missing 15 minutes is a LOT of it. it sucks. damn it.

italian is hard. i don't know if i'll be able to keep up. spanish there's a test tomorrow. i think i'll do ok... doesn't sound TOO hard. our teacher seems to give less of a shit than we do about the class. laid back. real awesome. oh... italian test... i got an a i think? *shuffle shuffle* yeah. i got 136/140. joy :) hm. government. haven't read anything he's assigned. just been to lectures. exam is soon. i hope it's not really hard. english i got a b on the paper and a 98 in the class, but we've got 600 points of writing coming up... this first one is 250 points and it's on propaganda and alienation and connection or some shit. i have no idea what to write. it's stupid. i might do pretty badly on it. the total grade is 1000 so the essays are mongo hugo on the grade. it's annoying not having a number keypad next to me. chinese sucks. it's getting SO boring. there's a test tuesday. open notebook, open book, so i'll do ok, but still... gaaaaah. essays. i hate them.

so jon got a puzzle for us to do. i've gotten addicted. i always spend my time on it. i am the puzzle master. jie is the mah jhong master. but i think we have to give that title to jeffrey now. what other master is jie... hm... i dunno. but the puzzle will be the end of me. i'll never get anything done now.

i had stuff i wanted to write. i can't remember now. oh well. i've started posting all my homework assignments on the web. is that legal? will teachers get mad? technically it IS mine, so i SHOULD be able to post it, right? bah. whatever.

i voted. as you all know, shwartzie won. so sad. we'll see.

survivor's fun to watch. jon and i missed the past two, but we've been trying to keep up with it. we like it. ok, i'm gonna upload this now.

OK. back. i forgot to upload my story. it's called the ooglie bear. i type here for you. actually i'll copy and paste it. whatever:

The Ooglie Bear

Once upon a time there was a bear. He was Ooglie. Ooglie booglie boo. All day long he’d oogle around. Oogle boogle boo. He’d oogle here, oogle there, oogle oogle everywhere. One day he found the Internet. He typed in a search and up came “Google.” Googlie google, the ooglie bear Googled, googlie wooglie goo.

One day the bear decided to Google the Oogle. He typed in the word and up came results. Amazed by all the information, the Oogle bear Google. Soon he found out that Oogle bears did not exist. He was confused and continued to Google some more. Google and moogle and foogle and doogle, the Oogle looked and looked to find an answer. He came to the final conclusion that it was true, Oogle bears really did not exist. He was an odd creature that was made up. Saddened by this fact he began to cry. Teary teary tears.

The Oogle bear cried and cried until he began to dehydrate. Slowly he dissipated away and the Oogle bear was no more. No more Googling for the bear, no more oogling, no more of the ooglie booglie boo.

the end

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