october 2, 2000; monday


rant: i usually dress up when i'm feeling ugly inside but today i woke up and dressed up cuz i'm happy. i had a damn good weekend. went home friday from a ride from neil. called up justin when i got home and he came over and we went to hollywood. i got neil "fight club" and me "go" and... the "holy grail." oh yes. monty python baby. oo yeah. we watched "go" and "office space" (oh, rented that too) and then some old dance vids when i was a little (yeah, smaller than i am now) 6 year old. we fell asleep and he left at 9am... i didn't even know. i was so out. heh.

saturday was uncle jimmy's 50's b-day. my step-cousins are just too hilarious. i had a good time. wasn't left out really. :) good stuff. sunday i got up late. 11am. got ca and justin and we went to get the damn BEANBAG CHAIR (aka "bloops" and "blops") for neil (aka "beep" and "stuff") and we FINALLY found it. been... a month? ca says we've been searching since the 31st of august. damn. so if you want one? go to mancini's sleep world in los altos. we ate a lot at marie calendar's. woah. got all our (justin and my) weight back i think after our period of not eating :) then i went to daddy's cuz we were right there and hung a bit, talked, went home. uncle phil drove ca and me back with ma in the car. they got mad at me for being so late...: i'm selfish and only think about me. i'm in considerate.

sorry but i have two parents. i have to see both. i'm so tired of still being in the middle and putting up with the shit of not seeing them both enuf. i only have so much fucking time. shit. so i think i'm gonna just ask my dad to use his car when i go back and just stay at his house and forget my mom's. i'm miserable there with uncle phil anyway. i hate him. i gotta see jeffrey and jonathan more. i miss them. my cute little brothers :)

i got back here and we gave neil his presents. i got online and saw justin's info... it was happy :) i was so giddy to see his info positive. i was happy. my goal for the weekend was to get him to gain his weight back and lift his spirits... did both. so i'm happy. next goal? ca and i and my fam are trying to get him to transfer up here to sac. get rid of the damn high school drama scene and come up and live in the dorms and go a bit crazy. :) fun stuff.

i was late today to class but that's ok. i think i understand the stuff well enuf even tho i missed a day and a half of the class. new stuff. it's weird. well, gotta go to english now. maybe i'll add more later. i like being in a good mood :)

p.s. look... i have no ass :)
i have no ass

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