october 20, 2000; friday


:]here's me in my shirt that makes me look good. got it from am. anyway. so i called steve back and he's calling me... oh... soon. then i'm gonna go call my fam. and pester 'm into buying phone rates from me :p i hate doing stuff like that. oh well. allrighty. gonna go do some math homework now.


ok. happy apples are THE best invention of food, ever. carmel apple and nuts all there whenever. in the words of eric... "they're grrrreat!" *arm thing* yup. damn. steve called again today. i gotta start working on my excel stuff. hey. if you wanna change your calling plan (long distance and stuff) to mongo cheap or get a pager or cell or two way pager or internet service? talk to me. :) please. i'll get money and you'll get cheap rates. good. yup.
missymissy is seriously the cutest doggie. justin's 14 year old doggie... so she's... 98? hee hee... i wanna be that cute when i'm 98... i totally get my math now. i was just looking too hard for an EXACT answer. silly betty. i have an 86% in that class. english i got back my midterm... c-. ouch. i had a sudden craving for sour cream and cheddar ruffles. i've eaten two bags. and also doritos. and millions of smarties.

i got two canvases and graphite spray the other day. good stuff. i wanna paint... yeah... it was supposed to rain today. did it? no. oh well. it was beautiful out. i loved it. and i got to wear a favorite long sleeved tee :) yup. gap. oooo. i think something's happeneing with neil (yeah, and me). i dunno yet. but yeah. he looks mongo different with his hair cut now. good tho. it was weird when ca and i first saw him last weekend. we both cracked up hysterically. it was mean. but it was funny. couldn't help it. tee hee :] jeremy's dancing in our room to the music. it's silly :) jeremy and shannon are SERIOUSLY adorable. i love seein' 'm together. so cute. i like shannon. she's coo. she's in my ceramics class. anyway... going to the rage tonite with jie. college night. hope it'll be fun.

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