october 21, 2000; saturday


holy moly the month's almost over. yargh! well i didn't come home after the rage. jie and susan convinced me to stay there and see the kitties. mephistopholes and dia. soooo cute. dia's hand held and mephistopholes (nick named "fizz") is pretty big. he's four months and dia's 6 weeks.

scary guys kept picking up on me. dude, i was JUST trying to be polite by smiling, so i wouldn't be scary angry ogre girl. but no. they took it as i was hitting on them. so now we have signs. either monkey sounds and actions, the dying giraffe, "OHMIGOD MY WATER BROKE!!!!!," and then the most desperate... susan and i were "together" yesterday. SCARY huge guy had his friend say "hey. my friend wants to meet you." and then susan and i held hands and wandered off together. anywhoo. watched davis wrestling today. course i went to bed at 5am and woke at 9am so i passed out there and slept thru most of it. but that's ok. i'm a dork. got soft lips the other day and left it at my sister's. gah. i want it back. pooey.

i'm so out of shape. i'm addicted to cheddar and sour cream ruffles now. dido's on the radio. i love it. "thank you." the best tho is "isobel." i got a boulder in my eye today on the way back. the ra ihave a pimple on my eyelid. on the inside. it sucks. i gotta pop it later. dio's being stupid and fuzzy. k. that's it for now.

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