october 22, 2000; sunday


i'm so sick. i feel like crap. my head's killing me. i got sleep tho. from 3am to 2pm with a few hours of awakeness in between. still can't get over jeremy and shannon's cuteness together. i told jeremy today that they're cute and jeremy was all quiet. it was weird. i went grocery shopping today on webvan. it was exciting. i'm addicted to yogurt raisins now too. i hate being sick. chris told me to have some oj. too bad i'm allergic :( OH! i'll get some vitamin c pills! yeeeah!!!!! goooood. ok. i'll make neil take me :) i gotta do another essay. gah. english is killing me. i had fun printing out old journal entries with pictures in them. i love my printer. epson color 880. kicks assssss. uh huh. all them s's too.

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