october 24, 2000; tuesday



oh yeah. forgot. webvan kicks ass. i went grocery shopping the other day and it was sent to me today. fun stuff. eeee! ok, shutting up now.


eeee! cute guy shawn from oral interp. TOTALLY stopped me after class and was all asking me stuff like where i'm from, my "heritage," and where i'm staying and stuff. asked which room i'm in. i said "why, you gonna visit me?" and he said "yeah! totally. i miss the dorms. i was in desmond last year..." and how he wants to kick it here in the dorms but he doesn't know anyone and so i said "well now you know me." and he said "yeah, totally. so i'll have to go visit you now, eh?" :) fun stuff. and he walked with me back to the dorm. he's half korean, half irish... weird mix. anywhoo. i did my presentation today. i guess i did ok... i was so totally nervous at the end. i dunno why. just at the end i felt myself turning red and then while i was sitting i was turning in to a beet. literally. i started sprouting a stem and everything. but i'm better now. so it's good.
it's so pretty out today. if nathan and i were still together it would be two years today.


angry little asian girl!!!!gotta leave for class soon. i put in my contacts today and put on some eye make up. i think it looks kinda silly now... i'm all pale now and no more really blushy cheeks... oh wait... nevermind. they're still somewhat blushy. but anyway. i don't wear lip stuff so it looks funny. oh well. girly stuff. :) neil, ca, and i went to albertson's and got ice cream randomly last nite. it was fun. yummy stuff. i got some apples too. i just went thru and practiced my monologue a couple of times. i feel so stupid just reciting it. but i gotta. so i did it once in front of a mirror. i'm seriously spastic. i twitch a lot. i've been twitching a lot lately. annoying. oh well... i'm going raging tonite :) ca STILL hasn't gotten her i.d. :( but neil said he'd bring me. and stay. >:] fun stuff. so he'll protect me from scary ogres and monsters. and jie and susan'll be there. we'll show him our signs so he can save them too :) yay! fun stuff. yah. i say that a lot. oh well. my eyes are gooey. meh. the back of my hair's sticking up. it's annoying. so i'm wearing a beanie to keep it down.

poor justin... he's not sleeping. like me. but he took naps. i just... don't sleep. i end up waking up late too. cept today i woke at 8am. too bad i didn't get my lazy ass out of bed till 10am. so i was an hour late for class... ok ok, and hour and a half. i got my pitcher and mug done tho. i got an appt. with the health center again next tuesday. yay! new meds! betty'll be knocked out. good stuff. yah. time to go now.

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