october 26, 2000; thursday


didn't get out of bed today till 2:40pm. missed my ceramics class and oral interp. my faboo class :( i called up jie... and she brought the kitties over! it was much fun. pictures!
dia and me < - dia and me

dia scared < - dia scared

jie and phiz < - jie and phiz

phiz and me < - phiz and me

dia in jie's shirt < - dia in jie's shirt

dia and phiz < - jie holding dia and phiz

cuteness!!!! got me out of bed. i went to eat. met john who's on the third floor. funny... he came over and sat down right when i was writing am that i gotta get out more and haven't met anyone. i have a pimple on my forehead. it hurts. i'm addicted to smarties. justin called me today to see how i was. it was so sweet. it made my day a bit better.

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