october 27, 2000; friday


just got my first hepatitis b shot. stung for a bit and now my arm's kinda dead. ca went home already. susan's gonna come pick me up at 5ish and i'm going to jie's and tomorrow we're going to "ikea" in oakland in the morning and meet daddy there and get some furniture. i went crazy yesterday on delia*s online and got 148.99 worth of junk. tee hee. updated some month stuff for my page.


was playing with my hair. 80's baby it's 80's betty! and... ca in the 80's baby 80's ca! no. we're not bored. my keyboard's gettin' kinda gross and greasy. i gotta alcohol it. bleah. sliminess. ca was just gonna shower without her soap. tee hee haa. silly ca. i did that once. i went in my shoes and everything when i realized i was fully dressed and had no towel. heh. i just ate a cup-a-noodle. yumminess. salty. mmmmm. i'm almost out of smarties :( i think i'll go buy more. yah. i gotta go to classes tomorrow... definintely. yes. i will. i hope :\ i gotta sleep first to get there so... going now.

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