october 29, 2000; sunday


jie and susandaylight savings ending... remember to change your clocks back and hour. jie and susan dropped me off today. dar. i'm back ain't i? yep. i gotta cut my nails again. i've missed neil. i was thinking about him over the weekend and how i feel about him. i really like him as my friend. i watch movies and t.v. and stuff and i want it to be me there in like 80 years with a good guy friend i totally feel comfortable around. and besides justin i wanna see neil there too. kinda went over the boundary of just friend tho with neil... but... i dunno. i really like him. i got a frog bean bag chair. it's adorable. i love it. i'll post a picture when i feel like it. went to ikea yesterday.

jeffrey jonathan jeffrey and jonathan are so cute! i love it. cute brothers :) jeffrey's only an inch shorter than me! aaahhh!!!! i gotta grow out a fro or something. bigger shoes. this is bad. he's 10! ahk! they still dunno what they're gonna be for halloween. they totally aren't like "normal" little kids who go insane about halloween. but if it isn't just me... kids these days don't seem nearly as hyped about it as we were. or atleast me. i used to love it. dressing up was so great. i loved going out and having fun getting candy and stuff. then it died and i just didn't care and then i was forced to go out and then in 8th grade i just quit and stopped celebrating at all. the halloween curse helped out. yeah. curse. ever since i ate domino's pizza the night before halloween in 4th grade i've been plagued with this HORRID sickness that comes about every other day on ONLY halloween. i'm bed ridden and pukey or feverish. i was last year so this year HOPEFULLY i'll be fine. but either way. no celebrating for betty.

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