october 30, 2000; monday


there's no wrong way... to eat a hippo. wait... that's not right...i like to eat my reese's cups from the middle out. my computer is about to freeze. so i'm going to restart now.


i'm on a SERIOUS chocolate craze right now. it's insane. i just keep eating it and eating it. anyway. uh... yeah. gonna go to dinner. after i eat this reese's cup. ca has to do her wash anyway. i say yeah a lot. yeah. gah. mm hm. the red really shows up from that convo. just... boomies. color.


i've got the sniffles. :( pimple on my forehead too. missed another quiz in math. oh, well. slept mitey well last nite. eh... morning. 3am? ok. so jie's dropping out from school. so yeah. now i'm all pressured to graduate. i HAVE to graduate. my sister said "nah, i don't think so." but then mommy calls and then says to me "jie jie's dropping out... so please... PLEASE go thru with college! don't drop out! graduate!" yay. i'm planning on taking 19 units next semester. ca asked what i'm doing this summer and i'm thinking of working... but prolly here. cuz then i can still take classes and get out in four years. altho... i can also go to de anza or west vally and transfer... that'd work too. yeah. mmm hm. so ca was asking me about neil today:

ca: so... what IS with you and neil?
me: ... i dunno...
ca: yeah. i was talking to neil yesteday and he said the same thing.
me: yeah... i dunno what's going on.
ca: cuz i'm confused.
me: me too.
ca: yeah...
me: yeah. neil and i were talking and so is he. i was talking to jie about how i feel.
ca: uh huh?
me: and... i dunno :(

made a face just like that and everything. *sigh* dunno... we'll see. neil's failing a class so he's just given up on going. i'm failing english and i'm the laziest blob alive and i'm still doing my stupid papers and crap... i didn't do the conclusion but i did most of it. it's about 2.5 pages. supposed to be three :p heh... well... better than 1/2 page like last time :p k. time to go to class now.

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