october 31, 2000; tuesday


no mail :( the halls smell seriously moldy. it's so gross. and our room is all stuffy. my computer's low on memory or something and the images don't work right. i'm thinking of putting up a want list on here sometime when i get bored enough. the psychiatrist took me off effexor and now i'm gonna be put on a new med. i'm kinda scared. i'm so bad with new meds. i always get sick. well. i'll just hope it doesn't make me sick then, aye? yep.


bandnana no 1!!!!!happy halloween everyone. even tho i don't celebrate... oh well. jon wanted me to go tot'ing with him and ca and eric and megan... but i don't wanna. i think neil and i are going out tonite... jon's upest. "WHAT?! it's CANDY DAY! watch a movie another nite! it's CANDY NIIIGHHHT!!!!!!" silly jon :) i gotta post a pic of him on here. i'm having THE worst allergies. i missed ceramics today. neil spent the nite here. i slept really well. i usually am all restless when i spend the nite with him and i keep getting up or i have an attack or something. oh yeah! today's my dr. appt. with the psychiatrist! meds meds meds! maybe i'll get rid of my attacks for good. i hope so. i hate them :( i like chocolate. i want my close to come in from delia*s and i want my hat too... hmmm... wonder if mail's in yet... i hope i got something :)

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