october 4, 2000; wednesday


rant: hmm... it's 10/4. that's noah's pager tag. late for math again. quiz. ofcourse. but i totally finished it. too bad i did it wrong. oops. rage was good. i got my feet moving. yeeeah! now i just gotta work on my arms. damn it. so ca and we were there. ca doesn't have a liscense and so she had her permit and this other thing with her bday on it and then her school id. nope. didn't let her in. damn assmonkeys. so neil was excstatic to come back... i totally forgot he hates trance/progressive. oops. :p yeah. so then susan drove 'm both back and i went back with susan and when we got back in the 10 hour line jie had just gotten there. good stuff :) didn't find chris and her friends. douglas came and attacked poor susan again. saw kevin there again... so last time he was stoned. maybe he's not gay. whatever. jie tried to hook us up. but then we couldn't find him and we were on the run from scary douglas. oh well. no trolls attacked me. scary asian guys were looking at me, but didn't do anything. it was funny. they tried to impress me by dancing. ha. i out danced them. never try and beat the hyper power of betty. got home at 3amish. everyone was sleeping. neil left his book and jacket and water on my bed. random. i went to shower, passed out.

my eyes are seriously dry. not a contact day. maybe i'll take 'm out later. english in 1/2 hour. art's cancelled today cuz there's some meeting going on. i'm still pondering if i wanna go. if i don't then i have to do the assignment... 20 rubbings. greeeeat. let's go back to 2nd grade, mmkay? yeah. so... rubbings or 2 hour lecture on... art. hmmm... :p i did my math homework that's due monday yesterday and turns out today i find out i did it all wrong. so i gotta go back and redo the damn 2 hour assignment. misherfoogahbrrshishoo. grr. hot DAMN honey nut chex are good. betty's becoming a chunky little puppy off these things. k, not really. but that's ok. wow. i like dancing. last nite the excessive strobes didn't even bother me. i closed my eyes and got into the beat. it was nice. it totally helps get rid of extra stress and stuff. gave me energy too. i was seriously tired. but then i was all energized. made it so i was tired enuf to sleep tho when i stopped. ah. adrenaline. i love it. still excited i can move my feet :) oo. 12:34pm. neato. i guess i'll read my english assignment now. and eat another bowl of chex. third bowl. tee hee.

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