october 8, 2000; sunday


neil gave me and ca a ride home friday. we missed the exit tho and we had to go back. we were delayed about a half an hour. i called up justin and ca, justin, my mom and i all went to fry's and i got me... yes... a pc. oh yeah. i got me a sony pc. it's so little! oh, but jon is smaller than me. uh huh. he was gloating. whatever. ok ok, jon, if you say so. you can be smaller than me. i'm so getting nautious from the fumes of the newness of the plastic and the spinny thing... fan. yeah. woo. i think i'm gonna pass out. but what do i do? sit here and play anyway. weee! all these applications i can use now! anyway.

so justin spent the nite on friday. we went to his house first and saw kali and played with her. she's a cute kitty. yeah. so then we all slept on my room's floor. didn't get much sleep. justin drove us back saturday after i went to the bank and stuff. yup. got here, set up the computer, then at 8ish went to jon's to watch movies. fun stuff. they were in the middle of "the cell" (soooo lost... i have no idea what happened... or what it was really about) and then after we watched some "angry little asian girl" and then "monty python and the holy grail." then we watched "the boondock saints" (good movie. see it.) and "takedown" and some of "romeo must die" and then we went out to the park. it was around 5:55am by then. we frolicked and climbed a tree and went back. "dazed and confused" was put on and most people fell asleep but me and paul, jon's 14 year old hyper bean bro, and afterwards i found out today that justin didn't sleep either. it was around 7am now and jon's mom came in and saw everyone sleeping and turned off the tv. paul and i looked at each other, shrugged, and ended up falling asleep then. two hours of sleep. good stuff. jon made me and ca hemp bead necklaces. mine's a bit hugesque but that's ok. i can wear it to the rage now :) weeee! oh. i stole a hat from neil >:] this one that says "3dfx" on it. jon and justin were going off about it. i think it looks good on me.

i'm in serious pain. pajor crampage dudies. the smell of the computer isn't helping either. i think i'll leave now. OH! i SO want a shower. oh yeah. really badly. i love having the mini window toolbar at the bottom that blinks and tells me when i have a message! oh it's great. too bad my printer still doesn't work... grr. anyway. noah called yesterday at around 1am. wanted to see me or something. i told him i'd be at jon's watching movies till today and everything and he still came up here thinking he'd see me. tried this whole guilt thing like "aww... i shouldn't have come up. whatever... i got you something. i'll just leave it at your door then. whatever." and was all offended again when i wasn't talking to him. i was on the phone with him for 6 minutes. it was 1am and there were 8 of us in the room watching a movie. they were all telling me to shut up and everyone else in the family was asleep and i couldn't go to another room and he was getting upset at me. uh... no. and i already told him before hand i wouldn't be in the dorms anyway. whatever.

k. too nautious. time to go.

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