november 1, 2000; wednesday

happy november!


it's my arm. yes. and it's only ONE mosquito bite. only one. not ten, one.mongo bug bitage going on on my arm. suckiness. yes. that's ONE mosquito bite. no, i don't scratch. it just... gets that big >:[ sucky. my arm hurts to move it now. the forearm is seriously pained. :( new simpsons today. ca and neil are so excited.

me: "our lives are so simple"
ca: "yeah... it's only one step more than jim's journal"
me: "actually... jim has a job... we're less..."
ca: oh yeah... how sad.
my horiscope:
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Keep yourself organized, and you'll go that extra mile. All the changes in your relationship lately are starting to improve your life; acknowledge your partner for the growth. Expand your brain by watching television or reading a book tonight.

we just cleaned our room today and neil and are are getting closer and better friends. and... simpsons tonite. yeees. real mind expanding with the siiimpsons. yup. :) fun stuff. k. gonna go now. head hurts and i gotta wash my bug bite and put stuff on it :(


yup. wasn't sick. so next year? sick. yup. i'm starting on a new med. tonite. remoral or something. i hope it works. here's what i wore last nite:

betty in girly clothes and me and neil me and neil. it went well. i got mongo tired at 7pm tho. i dunno why. we saw "bamboozled." it's this satire thing by spike lee. first we went to max's tho. neil didn't let me pay >:[ so i was angered. but it was nice of him i guess. i got the movie tho. he almost tried to pay. then i threatened to beat him and he whimpered like a scared little puppy. ok, so he didn't. so what. i just grabbed his hand so he couldn't get his wallet >:] movie was over at 12:10am and when we got back i was gonna shower and then i layed down and just passed out.

i totally slept all thru the nite for the first time in ages. it was nice. i missed math today. needed to go too. got up at... oh... 12:30pm. cuz ca came and woke me :\ heh. got to english tho. totally contributed to the class debate/discussion. i kick ass. the teacher agreed with stuff i say. excting :) got back and showered. the damn main shower drain was plugged so i ended up going upstairs cuzza mongo floodage. the upstairs shower is mongo stuffy and no air and the place to put my towel was all wet. and my curtain? mongo gappage. suckiness. oh well. passed john's room. it was so embarassing. coming down the stairs was scary too. cuz i was just in a towel and if anyone looked up? eeeee! bad. but no one was there. so i scampered down. here i am now. ca and neil are gonna go eat. i wanna go. so i'm gonna go sit and watch them. fun stuff. bye now.

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