November 12, 2003



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songs: sarah mclachlan "fallen" and debbie gibson "out of the blue"

nosy seems ok enuf. i think he'll be fine. hopefully he learned and won't go jumping on any mysterious ledges from now on...

i was in the union earlier today getting some peanut butter m&m's and debbie gibson "out of the blue" came on the radio. it was weird. i don't know if it was really her of if someone else redid it. i'll look it up.

so dale's living at the apartment for a while until the end of this semester. he's withdrawing from school this sem and taking it easy and then next semester he'll go back and try again and if it doesn't work he says he'll move up here. i say why bother... just move up here now. if his mom won't support him, then he can live without her support. find a job and even if payed minimum wage if he works full time he can totally afford his own car insurance and we've got his back for rent until he's ready to make that step cuz jon stayed for a long ass time before he was really "in" and paying rent. no, says dale, i'll take another semester at... wherever he's at. i think it's a waste.

took a stool softener. i'm gassy, but no real big poos. which i guess is the point, but i mean like... no massive amounts. still a bit backed up, gassy, but i've pooed a little here and there on and off. i think i'll take another. dale said he took four laxatives and it totally cleaned out his system and he was all weird feeling cuz it was SO clean. i want to do that. that'd be weird. i don't think i've ever been totally clean. always some blockage there.

talking about poo dale spoke of a site called "goatc" or something. oh god. disgusting. it's this nasty shit. jon looked, i refused to... this guy spread his ass open to like the size of an average pumpkin. like the size of a bowling ball, or a male leg. that's just disgusting. why would you do that. why would you show people. why. that's just nasty. and besides... how does he control his bowels? does he just shit everywhere? i imagine like... a water slide at waterworld or something and the poo as a person sliding through and "ploop!" out drops the poo in to the open air and free falls. gross, but isn't that what'll happen? i mean if the ass has stretched THAT big, then there's no way it could contract back to "normal"... after a woman gives birth her flap's all big and open forever. *gnaaaahg* ew.

large groups of people and cars bug me. i'll be driving in traffic and then suddenly look and realize how many cars there really are. so much pollution, so much death, so many of us just sheep sitting there in the road waiting to move to go to the same destination. there's variations, but it's all the same. and it's just... dazing. and then there's campus. i looked today and there were people everywhere. from every corner and every side there were people spilling on to the quad and on to the campus and it's just dizzying how many fricken people there are.

i took a typing test today and got 77wpm.

was using ws_ftp, now using smart ftp... it looks and acts like cute but it's free. ws_ftp was free but it made noises. and now it costs money. i'm lucky and still have the client that was free. can't get it anymore i don't think. yay me. so i have a backup... i was using ws but then it wouldn't log me on. i thought that the people in charge of it disabled the free version, but it's just i didn't case sensitively type my user name. oops. my bad. meh.

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