november 15, 2000; wednesday


it's good i'm getting my sleep schedule worked out. went to bed at 5am and got up at 3pm. ha. i don't understand carpisun. it's so flavored... yet... it's clear. clear as... um... a clear thing. it's purely amazing i tell you. i feel shitty. don't know why. just do. eh. prolly from eating WAY too much and not sleeping on normal human hours. cuz... i'm a goat. oh well.


big day today. withdrawing officially from classes.

evan and jaron are seriously adorable. such... blue... eyes... wow... the blueness... oooooo... *droool* i have no idea how the hell kimmi killed my lotion bottle pump but she did and it's seriously dead. ca and neil are still deathly ill. dunno why but ca's still awake. ok, she's going to sleep now. went raging and ballroom dancing. i have a private today with jason the instructor at 6:45pm. it's silly. the instructors have to sign a contract in the beginning when they're hired to not have any relations with... clients. ha ha. silliness.

i have got some SERIOUS funkiness spreading on my arm. it just keeps growing. first it was that gross blob that was small then grew to a big pink bump. now it's a ton of little bumps that keep spreading and multiplying. gaaaaaaah. and the bups that were just skin colored before on my arms and back? bright red now. uh huh. my goodness "bent" has a violent video. yaaay! shawn mullins "everywhere i go." ok, nothing is helping the itch. shit. it's annoying.

my clothes from delia*s came in yesterday. good thing nothing fits. umm hm. you'd think that if the measurements say that i should be an xs i'd be an xs. but no. when they say a number, the clothes is EXACTLY that number. not nicely fitting for the number, but EXACTLY blood constrictingly that EXACT FUCKING number. stupid shit. oh well... time to return all my clothes. i'm so itchy. now my legs are acting up. damn it. i have to sleep now. fuck.

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