November 15, 2003



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lookat my new spray image for counterstrike. i saw it on sprint forum and wanted it but it was too small and then my colleague (whatever) emailed it to me. puuuurfect! (ok yeah i'm lame.)

ok, so what is this, number four? maybe five? i don't know. but it's my manyth bladder infection this year. these stupid things are getting old. ok body, build immunitites, yu can stop getting infected now.

i was gonna go out on friday to dance at the 815 in my new little asian school girl dress but no, i had to get sick. went to the hospital and spent from 10:45pm-1:30am sitting there instead. wee. friday. fun. i'm getting old...

went to see elf tonight. it was funny. will ferrel's great. wee hee. afterwards i got cheesecake and chinese food. my pills say no dairy so i've been so hungry... everything here has like butter and cheese and good stuff like that. i'm so suffering. anyway. dave and jeremy were there too. we left the place and outside in front of kinko's this white guy hit a black guy in the face. the black guy ran, realized his buddies were still there, then ran back to pummel the whitey. then they were fighting. jon stopped and started calling 9-1-1 and a guy from kinko's came running out and all these white guys were running over. then jeremy yelled "get the n*gger" and jon was like "ok, so much for that" and drove off. it was so uncalled for. i was fine goosenecking cuz i've never seen a real fight before but jeremy shouldn'tve said that. we left and i didn't really see any of it cuz jeremy's butt was in my face the whole time cuz he was leaning at the window trying to see.

took two more stool softeners. i'm actually on the pot right now. this is great. i'm writing my journal on the toilet. wee! anyway. poo came out and it was kinda stuck then *sploooooge* it all spilled out. pretty gross. still feels like there's more lurking there behind tho. hee hee. behind. anyway.

jon's at jeremy's now watching "fatal fury." some anime thing. he's bidding on it on ebay. the set is like $30 something and he's winning right now at $9.99.

i've brought my car in two times now for squeaky breaks. still not fixed. so i have to go in again next week to get them checked. again. it's too bad they're warrantied or else i'd have gotten them to pay my way or something for all the trouble they've made me. stupid butts don't fix what they're supposed to. i'm gonna complain when i'm in there. i have to get up at like 8:30am to get it there by 9:00 and i don't get it back till like 4pm later that day... and still it's broken. i doubt complaining'll do anything, but hey, maybe i'll get a free oil change or something. i hate car dealers.

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