november 2, 2000; thursday


i'm gonna house sit for uncle billy starting this sunday till the... uh... friday. yeah. so neil drove me there today. buddy (the cat) is HUGE! i don't remember him being so fat!

anyway... so i come back... and... erik TOTALLY called me. SUPER randomness. it was so exciting. i was going insane and i couldn't get ca's attention. whoo. poor neil. i feel bad. i started my new med. it totally knocked me out in like 5 minutes last nite.
i've been completely edgy and moody today... but the call totally made my day. i feel bad for getting mad at everyone else. my bug bite isn't getting better. i went to the doc and all she said was "paste of baking soda and a cold compress." riiight. like that'll help the bite that's the size of my HEAD. f'k! damn. anyway.

time to watch "scary movie" soon. after e.r. i'm going home saturday. tomorrow's a scavenger hunt. oh. i got tested for chlamydia. it was free. yah. k. that's it.

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