November 21, 2003



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fall is here, fall is here, la la la la fall is here!!!! yayeee!!!! only bad thing so far was i was pelted by a wanna be berry. you know, those things that fall from trees that LOOK like berries, but they're brown like wood so they definitely are not berries but they look like a brown blueberry. those things. i was pelted by a falling one on my way to work.

the best is the leaves. when the traffic stops the leaves run with the wind and cross the road. they go with the traffic and scurry across the street.

jon was looking up "metal chopsticks" yesterday to find some hair sticks for my hair (dar) and he came across this site: oh god it's great. i haven't read the others but i'm going to. i'll write him and ask if i can put the html on my site so if he ever goes away it will be forever kept. gooood stuff.

saw good charlotte yesterday.

work stuff

jason called me up "do you like good charlotte?" "yeah?" "do you want to see them?" "hunh?" "well, eddie [edul, the awesomist dj]'s got two tickets to give away and i hate them so i was wondering if you wanted them, otherwise he'll give them to someone else." "oh... sure." so i had two tickets. jon had school, carol and dale were rollerskating and jie had dance. i called janelle but i called the wrong janelle (john john's janelle) and left a message and felt stupid so i called again to leave another message saying i was stupid and called the wrong number. called the real janelle and left another message. none of the rest of the crew likes them either. i remembered aaron from italian liked punk rock (ti piace punk roc?) so i called him up. no, had to study stupid bio. stupid. called up jeremy and he wasn't home. asked carlos online if he would go and he had to work late so no go. no one would go with me. it was so sad. i tried to call gary and his number doesn't exist anymore. i complained to dale and he was all "well, get a cute guy from class and bring him." "but there aren't any! they're all ugly!" sorry guys, but i don't find y'all hotties... well, not UGLY, i was exaggerating. just not droolie. well, there's one guy in english, but it would be totally random. anyway. i went to get the tickets before classes cuz i wouldn't be able to make it otherwise if i went after (english ends at 5:50 or something and the show was at 7pm) and i missed chinese. went to school thinking i'd find someone there and was late for english. i went in there and asked the three friends around me, tammy ken and john, and tammy said she was already going, ken was studying, and john had never heard of them. oh yeah. i found out eve 6 and goldfinger were going to be there. i totally didn't want to go alone but i wanted to see eve 6. well we were getting in to groups and just asking others around me and i was in a group with john and jeremy (that one cute guy in class) and i looked at him and asked if he wanted to go. "are you serious?" his jaw dropped and he looked like he was gonna pass out. "no, i was just getting your hopes up. yeah. i'm serious. i have two tickets" "YEAH! totally!" so i had someone to go with me. i was so happy. random, but he's supah coo so it wasn't weird.

after class i hauled ass home cuz i had forgotten my id. got the id and was on my way out. downstairs realized "crap. phone is still plugged in." OH YEAH. jon was playing with amperage with this gauge thing and he blew the wall socket on my side of the room. blew the fuze twice and sparks were flying. ooo it was bad. he and dale unplugged it and insist it's easily fixable so it's ok, but yeah. stupid jon :p (love you pookie.) yeah. so i got to howe and realized "shit. i don't have the tickets." went back to the apartment. called jeremy "hope you don't mind sitting where we can't see. i'm totally late" it was 6:45 or something... and he said "oh, dude, i don't care. i just wanna hear it!" so it was coo. picked up jeremy after getting a little lost and then we went to the show. got there at like 7:45 or something... TOTALLY missed eve 6. and apparently there was a sign saying that they were signing in a room and i didn't notice. i wanted to bring my cd insert and get it signed but forgot. ofcourse. i forgot. again. anyway. went in and goldfinger started playing right when he sat down. they were fun to watch. good god. there were all these little twelve year old ho's. it was disgusting. and like 13 year olds in just a bra top with an open shirt, and transparent shirts, short skirts, and other ho outfits. it was awful. it was fun with all the parents there tho. all these dads sat there with their arms crossed as their young daughters screamed and jumped and went crazy over good charlotte. whenever a song would end there would be a wave of pain from the high pitched screams of girls. oo it hurt. oh yeah. so the crowd rouser they used was "the day that i die." it goes off about how the happiest day of his life is when he dies. it may be just me... but i don't find that to be a good upping teenage girl song. they had everyone chant with him "the day that i die" and dragged it out. they dragged out a lot of songs and talked a lot and had the audience sing a lot. a bit too much. i went to hear THEM sing, not the audience. but yeah... then they sang "lifestyles of the rich and famous" and i told jeremy "ok, so the parents have heard from this band that the happiest day will be when they die and they rob people. hm." the music was good tho. when i get money i'll buy the cd's.

after the show we went to bring jeremy home and i got lost. went over the gold bridge. i know that once i'm over the gold bridge i'm on the wrong side of town. we were in west sac. it was dark and run down and there was a big lots. it was scary. i decided to take a right cuz that's the direction i came from. 10 minutes later we popped out downtown again and we were back at the auditorium where we started. it was funny. jeremy was all "i was getting scared. i thought you were gonna go 'oh. eh hee hee, my tire is flat! will you go fix it?' and bash my head with a shovel" i told him i only do that to people i know a little better and are worth the effort. he seemed to get a kick out of my bitter mentality. his way of thinking? "i don't like anything. i just hate it less than the other." hm. interesting. i brought him home finally and he brought me the two good charlotte cd's (pre and post teenage girl craze) and he said he'd bring me and jon to parties if we ever wanted cuz i told him i have no social life (it's so sad...) so that was coo. i got lost on the way home and was finally there at 11:30 where i had chicken noodle soup and dale, carol and i had a bowl of cheese salad.

i've been missing a lot of school. missed art like crazy, i'm sure i'll do badly this time for real cuz i don't know any of the items except the tower of pisa and the ebbo gospel books with the page of st. matthew, the evangelist. two things. yeesh. not good. missed chinese and weight training this week. there goes my perfect attendance. oh well. i still have perfect in spanish, government and italian. in spanish i'll get 40 points for my perfect attendence. wednesday's lecture in government was really interesting. it was about the supreme court. i enjoyed it. it was weird.

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