november 28, 2000; tuesday


hair all pretty... ignore the face  :)my dad just popped his head in and told me to go to bed. ha ha... uh... no. i blow dried my hair. 'sall peeerty. my picture kept going sucky so i just got annoyed and chose this one. i had my hair cover my face :]

i had me duddy send in the registration fees today. so... yah. i'll be choosing classes december 6.

i went to orientation today (9:30am) and got my name badge then was trained to wrap a bit and practiced the register. ok. i suck. yeah. register? soooo slow. wrapping? eh... i only did one. but it was kinda baggy. but... yeah. then i went to mcdonald's (2:30pm) and while i was there i went to a chiropractic place... mongo wongo expensive wensive. yeah. i went to school (2:49pm) and then saw some people and talked to mr. abe and yuichi... the jv team for wrestling? i don't know any of them. but we have heavyweights this year! yaaay! good stuff. then i went to justin's to drop off his shoes that he forgot in sac last time he went up... and missy popped out too when he opened the door!!!! she's THE cutest doggie. whooooo nelly. everyone? you gotta see missy. whooooo. :) then i went to get my orthodics (3:25pm) that i ordered a year or so ago but that i finally picked up. fun. then i went to my psychiatrist appt. (5pm) and my med. was upped from 1/2 a tablet to a whole. then i went to get my brother from karate (5:20pm) and then we came back and ate and then... here's me.

tomorrow i work at 9-4pm. yaaarg. oh well. i got thursday off cuz neil's coming down. yay :) ok. i'm on the phone and it cuts out a lot. yup. here's me: blah blah blah. blaaaaah blaaaaah blaaaaaaah. hi neil :) ok bye.

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