november 4, 2000; saturday


ok so at 7:40pm i'm tired as fuck so i go and take out my contacts, speshly the right one since is was bugging me, cuz i'm gonna sleep a bit. i take out the left one first cuz... i just do... and then i go and take out the right one and i'm poking my eye. so i go to the mirror to see what the hell is wrong and why am i poking my eye and not the contact and i can't find it anywhere. so my right contact just... dissappeared. i have no idea. been sleeping till now, still dunno. it ain't in my eye. just... *poof*. bye bye.


didn't go home. still at sac. got up at 12:30pm today and hauled my ass up to go to the bank. well, didn't find it. wandered downtown tho. it was fun. excercise and air's good for the bitchy moody mind. i ate and saw bunches of stores. drank a yoo hoo. ok. i love that stuff. called my dad and mom to tell 'm i wasn't going home. dad kept me on the phone for a freaking 20 minutes. shit. then he called me like 5 times after to make sure i got home safe. my parents seriously have very little faith in me in staying alive. steve was buggin' for the damn excel thing too. i totally don't want to do that now. i went to a tattoo place and it's $100 per hour for a tattoo and $40-$50 for piercings i'm interested in. got a job app. at an art store too. going back monday for one at a framing place. i like building.

feeling a TAD better today. still have dizzy spells but atleast the food that goes in goes out solidish. heh. yeah. still gotta go to the bathroom a lot; not as badly tho. uh huh. i'm getting justin to come up here for the formal on friday. neil went off again about not dancing (even slow) so he won't go and i really wanna wear a dress again... either junior or senior prom or else the random short red one... and so if justin'll go with me well then hell, i'm going with him.

i have so much homework to do. i think i'll go start it. as soon as the world stops moving. ok. it's starting to slow down. going.

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