november 6, 2000; monday


i feel like a big pile of poo. i lfet at like 8:40pm yesterday and found out the other buses didn't run that late. oops. fell asleep on the bus and missed my "stop"... got left somewhere in downtown sac. something like 9th street. i walked to 6th and went in to the bail bonds place and waited for susan and she came and picked me up and we went to uncle billy's. got there at like 10pm. anyway. slept at 12am and got up at 1pm. 13 hours of sleep after being up for 27. head's killing me. i'm feeling the withdrawal now. days of our lives is the stupidest show ever. i dunno why ca watches it. buddy's such a fat cat. really likes to drink milk. i gotta bring a buncha stuff over there.

my horiscope:
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Others are plugging away on your behalf, even when you've lost interest. Get some rest, and build up your power reserves as the fight continues. Volunteering your time will bring you luck what seems tedious will actually pay off.

i totally skipped all classes today. takes me 40 minutes, two buses, and a lightrail to get from here to uncle billy's. fun. going to go to arden with ca and neil if neil comes back from eating. he gave me more chocolate. he gets me lots of chocolate. i dunno why. he's so nice to me and i'm such a bitch monkey. :\ ok, could "bounce" be a sappier cuter movie. i wanna see it. my head hurts.

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