november 7, 2000; tuesday


ooooh... who's feeling better? betty is! oh yeah. go me.

hoei'm wearing the outfit that noah basically said i look like a hoe in. ok, so i do. not a hoe hoe. or ho ho. but... hooker hoe. however you spell it. but anyway. i'm wearing it. yeah. bangs are TOTALLY grown out now. greatness.

if looks could kill... i'd kill you all. sorry. just had to say that. anyway. i hate how it's 5 million degrees in our room. my dizzy spells have gone down to like one or two in... a long ass time. it's great. my crap was totally solid today. so yay! good. i'm eating normal again. not 5 million pounds of food a minute. and i'm not not eating either. i'm still eating. too bad i'm not sleeping still. went to sleep at like 3am. i was dead tired but just couldn't sleep. was thinking about neil and nathan and bennett and noah. wow. lookat all those n's. i was all vulnerable last nite. buddy kept waking me up too. sucky. bed hog of a cat. :)

i'm raging tonite with jie. she came over last nite and picked me up (yes, bitched. of course. she did for a total of about an hour. yeah. was with her for about three hours. uh huh.) and we went to uncle billy's and wathced "princess mononoke." it was great. ending was kinda stupid and cheesy corn. but oh well. i love the little white guys that click. :) hee hee. click click click. reminded me of my hubby fiancee. no, not chris. the other one. korn doll. :]

buses were stupid today and i had to walk 6 blocks to the lightrail station. missed my appt. with dr. kravitz... but then they called back and had another time slot for me. so i saw her. yay :) so i'm gonna start up again with the remoral and if i feel totally shit ballish then... i'll stop. otherwise... betty'll be sleeping :) joyous of rapture. and i found my one card too. good day i suppose. course i missed ceramics again. i totally was planning on going too. too bad didn't get enuf sleep so when only 5 hours of sleep getting woken up every hour was over and my alarm went off... i snoozed it. didn't get up till 10am. and then the bus didn't come. so i had to walk. that was 20 minutes after i realized... well shit, there ain't no bus rollin' over. ah think ah'l walk. yeah. so then i do and it took forever. but... oh well. yup. k. going now.

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