November 7, 2003



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happy 7 :)

so my lappie had some weird battery funkarama going on and it couldn't read the time it had left. it was determined defective and so i had another custom built... with xp prof instead of home. i ordered it and it came in like two weeks later. the longest two weeks in my life. i checked fedex every freaking day. but it's here now and i'm using it. yay. it was also about $50 cheaper. joy :) this new one's an hp pavilion ze4500. whaever that means. it has the same name i named my first one. rosco. say hello to rosco. thankyou.

i'm THE worst mommy in the world. so halloween came and jon and i were busy until night and then we got movies and stayed at home and we watched "solaris" (not bad, not bad at all). after the movie i realized nosy was gone and i hadn't seen him in a while. "ah crap." "is he in your room?" "no, i thought i closed it..." nope. i hadn't. it was open. nosy had gone in and bitten through my phone headset and some other important cables. he knew he was in trouble too. he was hiding behind the headrest and the wall when i found him. when he realized he was spotted he crept out and ran. anyway. i whined to the chinchilla group i'm subscribed to (yahoo groups. may-o-naise) and they said "what?! you leave him out for hours unattended?!" and so i decided i'd stop leaving him out so long. apparently 1/2 hour to an hour is plenty? nosy always seems to have way more enegy than that... whatever they say... so i was to watch him in out time.

yesterday i was talking to carol and then jon goes "do you smell burning hair? carol? is something burning in your room?" "i have some candles..." "make sure it's not something else too. it smells like burning hair." then jon went "oh... where's nosy... he didn't bite through a cord or something did he?" we went out to find where the smell was coming from. it was from carol's room. couldn't find nosy anywhere. eventually ca found nosy under her bed. he crept in in the few minutes she had her door open and then she closed it and he was stuck. we caught him and checked him out. his whole butt was burned. the back left side (or right?) had singed orange hair. his little testicles were black. half of his whiskers are gone. i guess he jumped up on carol's window sill and didn't see the flames and jumped up and in to the candles. i'm SO lucky he didn't catch up in flames and die... i don't understand how he did it tho. his front paws had wax on them. carol said the candles were all there and all in tact... so nosy didn't land ON them, or they would have moved. and it was only one side of him, so i don't know how he touched. i was crying i felt so bad for the poor thing... imagine how much that would hurt if you got your balls burned. i apologized to my baby. jie says it's his stupid fault. it is, but i still feel really bad for not watching him. he's been a lot better recently too. after bringing him to school with me he's been more loving. he'll come up to us more and play catch and lets me hold him for a good 20 seconds before he flips out. my little fuzzbutt :)

oh yeah. i brought him to school for a presentation. it was for spanish. my country is costa rica but i wanted to bring nosy. my reasoning? "chinchillas are not native to my country, costa rica, they are native to chile.... but there is a soccer player named pablo chinchilla. he got grubby pets from everyone and then went back in the cage. he was in his little carrier all day. from 11am-8pm. after spanish i took him outside. he hasn't been outside is so long. i had a leash on him so i plopped him on the grass. he ate some leaves and romped. it was really cute. i picked him up and went to italian. he was a hit there too. after italian i had him play on the stairs a little so incase he ever really DOES get free in my apartment he doesn't jump to his death. he got the hang of it then i got him and brought him to the grass again. after being out for 5-10 minutes he would run away from me when i got too close so i had to tug on his leash to pull him to me to get him. after getting him, tho, he held on to my arm and looked around curiously. i carried him to the car and put him in the carrier. he got home, was a little confused, then became normal nosy and jumped away and ran to his bath.

day after halloween some of the crew, jeremy, dave, and jon went to the corn maize. ok, so people count was jason, suzanne (his girlie), kristina, mike b, jeremy, dave, jon, me. i was scared shitless but went anyway. it was actually ok. it was scary this one point when jon and i ended up in this deserted place in between the corn stalks in a pathway. and then we ran through some corn stalks. that was scary. otherwise it was fun. jeremy and dave kept pummling their way thru the corn and popping out the other end. it was so hilarious. dave at one point dove in to the corn and it looked like the corn ate him. jon looked in to the corn and then dave came sauntering around the corner as if nothing happened. i couldn't stop laughing. at one point there was a guy dressed up as "jason" with the bloody mask. he had a real chainsaw but no chain on it but he was revving it and following people. it was scary. i didn't like it. kristina and suzanne said that they rand and he followed them thru the fields for a good 100 feet. shit i'd die. then he'd stop tho and talk on his cell phone. killed the scariness, but it was still eerie and scary cuz he wouldn't talk to us, just cocked his head and revved the chainsaw. dave and jeremy did this "hooray!" thing. the magic words were halloween and scared. "donkey kong.. hooray!" it was funny. and then this cat thing apparently they did at the last lan? nick has a cat with this wacky ass meow. it was funny too.

i got an 85 on my second art test. i'm happy with that. this next one will be hard. i missed like 6 classes already. last time it was atleast stuff like the colosseum... this time it's like "mgreat mosque of isfahan, iran". wtf?! i'm screwed... gah.

so far i've gotten all a's in italian and i have full attendance. it should be good there. it's still confusing but it's ok. everyone else is at the same place at me so i don't feel as stupid. :]

government there's a test on wednesday. i don't know. i think it'll be bad. i have to study real hard for it. speaking of which... i should do that now... hunh... i'll do it when i finish. i just finished my english paper. it's 6 pages and a little of the 7th, like a paragraph. it's supposed to be 6-8 pgs, 1800-2000 words. mine's barely 7 and it's 2084 words. last time the quota was like 5 pages and 1500 words and i got 5 pages and 1700 or something. i don't get it. why do i have so many words on so few pages. oh, well. reading little big man for english. i have to read 150 pages by tuesday. right. i'll prolly get at most 50 i'm such a slow ass reader. sucks.

laning at jon's tonight i think. yay :) counterstrike on my lappie. last time i killed jon 4 times. it was fun. weee! bang bang boom. "the enemy has the bomb" noooOO!!!! :)

i've been getting tiny poos out. better than nothing. i figure i've got to even out sooner or later... i'm so scared of an aenema. whatever it's spelled as... i told my mom and she was all "aenema? that's NOTHING! they do SO much worse..." oh good god. great. comforting. it feels like there's a stone in my back. it hurts real bad. i just imagine this stone of shit in my intestine. i'm so scared i'll shit out my intestine. there's this picture of this guy and his intestine fell out of his rectum. it was seriously disgusting. what do you do, just stick it back in? ew. i got some stool softener. i'll take it and hopefully clean me out :p yuck yuck yuck i'm gross.

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