november 8, 2000; wednesday


so i haven't gone to classes in... oh... ages. yeah. missed art, english, and math... again. so art i've missed twice, english 3 times (oh yes. paper due friday. i'm basically fucked on that one.), math 3 times. heh. i'm fucked. hm... that was quick. neil's bored of me already. says he "doesn't want to spoil" himself by being around me so much... yeah. bored. just say it. bored. it's a normal thing. all guys who ever seem to like me in any way get bored. neil stayed with me last nite at uncle billy's. some random girl came in at like 12pm or something saying she was there to feed the cat... first time i'd ever seen her. not very good at feeding the cat. i think uncle billy sent her as a spy. anyway. went to cafe after and then we came back here. i broke another bowl today. so now both of my perfect bowls i made are dead. stupid ass. oh well. still haven't started the med yet. i think today i won't be able to sleep... so i'll start it up tonite. yeah. that's it for today. didn't do anything productive.

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