December 16, 2003



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happy birthday jonathan!!!! (he's 11 today)

quote of the while: "what is that snow cow thing called again?" ~jon (referring to a yak)

i'm so miserable. i have this rash. it's not going away. well it is a little, now that mommy gave me enhancer (this nu skin aloe stuff). started out as itch cuz i think i shaved too close to the middle of my crotch (yay! happy intimate "i don't need to know" topic!!!!) and then it grew and spread to where my butt is and it radiated an inch from everything. it was real gnarly. then the bumps appeared. and the itch. oh god, the itch. it's seriously horrible cuz the WHOLE freaking area itches. and my ass. yeah. so i've been having seriously painful ass-ripping poos (no no, i mean it literally.) and ofcourse, now that my ass is ripped i poo nearly everyday. thanks, body. so it's not really my ass is ripping, but that dark ugly wrinkly area around the hole? yeah, the wrinkles have tears. kinda like when you have really dry skin between your pointer finger and thumb, that squishy web like area. yeah. when it's dry it'll like crack on the lines and stuff and hurt, that's what my ass is doing. so i started using this rash cream on my rash, and that went down half so the swelling was only half an inch around. no no, then it had to stop working. so then i started putting on neosporin. it went down a little more. started using celtrex, this cell regenerating stuff from nu skin, and it stayed the same, so i kept up with the neosporin which got me thru the day. my mom brought me this enhancer stuff and now it's way better. it's still pretty damned itchy but it's not constantly nagging me so much i'm ready to rip off my fricken crotch and go to the hospital to sign up to get it removed and pee thru a tube. so that's good. hopefully it'll be better in a couple of days now with the enhancer. i think i'll start taking a stool softener on a daily basis to help my poor ripped ass. god i have health problems.

i had my italian final today. i decided to make cookies for everyone and i was 5 minutes late. it was ok tho. final however... totally did horrid. it was tuff. afterwards tho the professor said that i'm first on the waiting list so if i go see her next semester i'm in for the class... but that means i'll have class again monday thru thursday. bah. decisions decisions... well, it all depends on if i get the new county job.

i finished my govt paper today and emailed it to the teacher. tomorrow (today) there's a study group for the final on wed. i haven't studied at ALL so i'll have no input. oops. chinese final is at 3pm... stupid essays. oh well. it'll be ok. he's pretty nice in grading.

wee wee had a tumor. we brought the rats to jon's house and they were in david's room and now they're back here in a baby itty bitty cage. we let them out at night and they get a lot of attention. wee wee's tumor is totally gone. it's amazing. miracle rats. they're always finding ways to get on the bed. they'll just jump 3 feet in to the air and grab on to the sheets on the side with their sharp nails and muscle their way up. i'm so allergic to them it's bad. but they're so cute. dillemmas! (or however it's spelled) oh yeah. so the other day the ratties got my premsin (like midol) and snuck it behind the bed, ate off the bottom and started eating the actual pills. why are they so stupid, i have no idea. same as nosy and the lead paint. but like 15% of two pills were gone. we checked and that amount of acetometaphin is letal to a rattie. i called the vet and he said to feed peroxide to induce vomiting. jon insisted "it's too late to do anything now. it's been 10 minutes." and he wouldn't do it. i kept insisting it would help. well, we didn't. they're still alive and well, two days later. turns out, ratties CAN'T puke. if i had fed them peroxide they'd prolly explode or something. stupid vet. good thing jon chose what he chose. i totally guilt tripped him too. i apologized. i was wrong. i know. shocking.

nosy just keeps getting better. he'll get in my room but i'll just snap and go "no, nosy. out." and he'll go out. you know... my sister came over and yelled at him saying he was stupid and he has to be a good chinchilla or he's out. ever since he's been real obeying. wow. i should have my sister come and discipline with some whoop ass more often.

oh! i'm so excited. i convinced jon to take pictures with me. i'm having jie, phizzy, maybe gilbert, nosy, aristotle, jon and me in a picture at the picture people. yay! professional pictures for the holidays :) so happy. i've wanted prof pics with jon for so long now. and all our babies. well, he's too worried the ratties'll freak out so he's not bringing them. it's ok. that way he can hold phizzy.

been chatting with jeremy lately. he's the buddy and hottie of the month for dec. he won't get me a decent picture tho. so he looks like... eye poison or something. oh well. whatever. turns out he's italian. spunky.

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