december 18, 2000; monday


ok... who's awesome? betty? yeah. that's right. go me, go me, it's my unbirthday... so. i'm at work today (dar...) and then karen (co-worker... she's so awesome. i love her) goes "betty, phone call" and i'm like... ok... random... maybe my mom called. so then i pick it up.

hi, is this betty chee-ange?
hi, this is dave *bleah* from the men's warehouse
uh huh...
yeah. well i work for the recruiting section of our company and i came in today and
really liked your enthusiasm. so i was just wondering if you're really happy at where you work.
... well... i'm only here until january, then i'm going back to school at sac state.
OH! well we have stores THERE too.
oh. ok...
so... would you be interested in looking in to that?
let me give you my number and you can call me tomorrow, mmkay?

so... i got recruited! coooolies. uuuh huh.

i've been slacking a bit at work. seriously tired. i couldn't wait till the end of today. tomorrow's my day off. yesssssssssssss. (i'm going to watsonville for neil's xmas party. ma's driving me and ca after my dr. appt with dr. kanchan. she's awesome.) otherthan that... work's been good. linda's totally cool. she's hilarious too. i dunno how old she is but for her age she's soooooooooooo funny and hip with da lip. hee hee. sean's annoying but funny as hell still even tho he can't talk AS much anymore. new person delvina (3 days old...) is soooo cool. went to dinner together today cuz we had basically no one in there and we chatted it up. she's awesome. lydia's just... faboo. mariko amazes me... i wanna be like her when i grow up :) you just gotta work with them all. bettina's sooooo sweet. she's quiet and calm but totally great and knows all the stuff. rosario i thought was a meanie but she's totally great too. then there's spencer... *shudder*. ok. so he's getting paid to do freaking nothing. he CAN'T do anything. gaaah. so annoying. i won't get in to that now. then there's karen and karen. too much greatness at work. cept the customers. they're poos. but there are also good ones. the poos put me in a bad mood tho. bad poo poos.

neil came to visit yesterday and then left. too soon. oh well. i see him tomorrow :)

stock guy chris is seriously hot. he has a girlfriend. totally kills the hotness factor when you find that stuff out. oh well.

jie was fired from tower cuz she didn't show up after her first day cuz she couldn't get up but now she's working at hot topic. she's getting $5.75... better than tower atleast. she likes it there and has been getting up so that's good.

am came friday and visited me at work. she's at mexico now for her bday and stuff and maybe getting a tattoo. she and brad are totally hooked up now. i'm so happy for her. totally whipped and all and everything's great between them. she says it's better than with julian. she's still not over him completely but i don't think she will be for a while yet. but brad's a cool dude and stuff and makes ams happy and he gets her stuff and says he'll visit her and everything so... yay :) good stuff.

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