december 2, 2000; saturday


wow. it's been a while since i did an am entry, eh? yah. anywhoo. yesterday was my first REAL day of actually working and just helping customers. ok... pain? yes. i was feeling it. 10am-7:15pm (went over... i was supposed to be off at 6:30pm) of standing in boots. i was gonna die. i could feel my feet falling off. anyway. finally got back home and had some tortellini. tomorrow's not till 1pm. yay :) wednesday's my day off and i'm planning on a visit back to sac. i think i'll stay there over night till thursday and get back... just in time for work at 3pm. yup.

i was kinda gloomy today. missing neil. i was all giddy thursday getting ready for the day and seeing neil and stuff and i was giggling to myself and talking and humming and stuff. i usually just talk. yeah. i talked SO much when he was here. he was all mellow :( i dunno. i kept talking and talking. i wanted to shut up but i just kept going off. then we didn't know what to do so i said let's go car shopping... the vw guy wouldn't shut up. even I couldn't get a word in. yeah. and i wanted a jetta. he kept trying to squeeze every drop of money out of me and offering me other cars like the bettle and golf. uh... no. i said JETTA stupid. yeah. neil just stood there. staring. "oh look at the sky... peeerty... la la laaa..." he was so bored :( then he went home after we went to valco for a bit. i'm bad at keeping people interested.

daddy told me not to look for cars... cuz... "well, i'm getting you one anyway... why get one now?" so... ooooo. ok. i'll just... save the $2,500 i don't have for the downpayment and the $300 i don't have for insurance and wait on that. :) joy. yup. i just gotta convince him i can drive. he only knows my experience by when i drove ages and eons ago the VERY first time and he had me go on the freeway. and i could barely drive residential without hitting the curbs and grassy areas. heh. yeah. not very nice to base me. anyway.

i want a different keyboard. mine's kinda annoying. yup. k. sleepie now. *yawn* wow. long day. zzzzzzzzzz

*snort!* oh yeah. got the webcam up now cuzza the dsl :) so it's "FRUHDcam" at or im me and i'll give you the ip address for that time when i get on whenever i'm online. it's not always on tho. actually it's rarely on. cuz... it's not my computer :) but... when i'm on i'll turn it on if i feel like it. mokay. bye now.

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