december 20, 2000; wednesday


men's warehouse sounds laaaaaaaaaaame. like i'm gonna be able to put up with people. PISH! whatever. and pay's way low too. i think i'm sticking with my work. i'm so tired of work tho. i think i'm pmsing. i'm so pissed at everything. and no one answers the phone but me. grrrrrrrrr. so annoying. oh well...

neil's party was... um... yeah. his friends and sister are coo, and his mom is the sweetest person ever. i love his cat that i saw too. so poofy. too bad neil was a total ass. so he says i shouldn't be all flompy. i understand that. and he says he's still embarassed about the pda stuff. ok, yeah. i get it. but the whole time i'm there (two hours... but still... dude, i had my mom/step-dad drive me way the fuck out there) he doesn't look at me, talk to me, and DEFINITELY not touch me. ok, that's a TAD extreme there on the "embarrased" crap. and when i said it'd take forever to get there he was all "you should just not come then" and was serious. he totally didn't care at all if i went or not. and he didn't seem to get it that i was mad and didn't know why when i flat out said i was pissed. so he goes off to his friends and "shows me off" to them and stuff and's like "dude, you HAVE to meet betty... i should get pictures of betty in my wallet... you'll meet betty next time" and crap but then he doesn't even care that i come or not? and then he tells everyone we're "together" and "going out" and didn't inform me. gee... i didn't know that we were going out. and so i was like... ok... i guess we are... but then now i don't think i even want to talk to him. he was such an ass. fuckin' a.

oh. the cam is disabled now cuz my step-mom hooked up her scanner instead but the ip for my cam is i'm too pissed to write anything else.

oh. i cut myself totally on this glass thing for this frame i put together and was oozing blood for an hour till it finally stopped. my hand was numb today. it's cold. i hate work.

oh. one more thing. i'm back to 95-100 lbs. now. and i lost an inch or two. yup. it's amazing what just one meal a day and a new med can do for the figure eh? yeah. greatness.

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