December 22, 2003



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rash is SLOWLY getting better. i've stopped the enhancer and yesterday stopped the neosporin. now i'm just using lotion and that seems to work. i just put it on at night and it relieves itching (it seems to mainly only itch at night) and then i sleep and wake and it's fine. hopefully it'll go away completely. soon.

alright. day 7. haven't pooed in a week. god my back hurts. poo stupid. i'm starting to take stool softener every day now (one pill in the morning, two at night) until i get regular. this is just ridiculous. my intestines are gonna explode if i don't go soon. and god i hurt. yeesh.

long lapse


ok. i just pooed. there was a lot of blood. i coudn't wipe it completely clean... there were still traces of blood after the 10th wiping at it hurt so bad i had to stop. i'm going to sac state tomorrow to see a doc to get a gastro intestinal referral. this is really bad.

wednesday we went to get pictures... jon, jie and me. only nosy and aristotle were there. they turned out mighty well. here:
i like this one the most this is jon's favorite
yay! nosy and aristotle! aristotle looks like he's being shoved into jon's neck. nosy pooed too but i photoshopped it out :)

super fun. damn it my ass hurts. anyway.

so i'm driving home from mountain view yesterday with jie, who was sick as a sick thing from wed-last night and still fighting it a little now. this guy got up and on my ass. i was in the left lane. a car and a semi were in front of me. another semi got right in front of me. on the right this pokey was going 55 and it was 70 (we were on i-5). well this guy keeps tailing and getting closer and doing that retarded "i'm swerving to the side to see who's in front" as if i was being retarded and in my own world and no one was there. ok, fuck tard. look up. there's two fucking semi's in front of me and a slow ass on the right. he was so stupid. maybe she. i don't know. well jie said "next time they come close again turn on your wipers" and i did. "does this really do anything?" i asked and looked up in the mirror. they were wiping too. i was lauging hysterically. then they turned on their brights. stupid fucks. what if i had really had to clean my windows? so now they'd be tailing AND brighting me for no good reason? piss fucks. well the semi went back in the right lane and the people behind zoomed to the right and went off as i was about to switch to the right lane. totally would have totalled two cars and more especially since a semi was behind. i didn't get their license place. come on people. grow up. tailing will NOT get you there faster. shit.

took me twenty minutes to do a 4 minute drive today from the apartment to where the mall is. dumb asses were creating gridlock and running reds to try and get in to the mall. so we were sitting there at a green and there was lik 10 cars that were in the road so we missed the green completely. twice. then the next light comes and the light is green for 10 seconds and people from the other side are still turning. stupid fucks, look at the light. they always do that. it pisses jon of soo much. i want to write to the city and tell them to put a camera light there. they'd make millions.

i was driving to work and i drove by a house. a skinny little grey cat was at a door with its body all contorted. its butt was in the air, belly down, and head up. it was meowing its little head off. poor thing was cold or hungry or something. i hope the owner heard it soon after. it was so sad. from the car all i could see was its little mouth opening all big meowing to the door.

addicted to jelly bellys right now. good. mm.

guess who has a 3.0.... BETTY! BETTY HAS A 3.0! woo hoo!!! go me, go me, go me go me go me!!!! so happy :)

i'm jon's waffle now. i'm also his hairless yeti. nick has a girlfriend and eric is with this girl he works with named kelly. eric calls the females things. so i'm jon's thing and kelly's his thing and michelle is nick's thing. i'm glad we're looked at in such positive lights. sheesh.

new dust came in for nosy and he took a bath in it. first time with dust in 4-5 months. he was so cute. his little grey face became almost white and he was all silky again. blue cloud dust. good stuff. course now the apt will be filled with dust again, but hey, he'll be soft. henh.

thinking of moving out. carol and dale. yeah. sooo irresponsible. can't handle it anymore. totally almost killed us. ca's battery died and dale had the brilliant idea to charge it. in the house. on the kitchen table. next to the furnace. yeah. apparently they leak poisonous/hazardous gases like hydrogen and they're flammable. ok dipshits, we have a gas furnace. god they're so stupid. good thing jon came home an hour and a half after they plugged it in and moved it into their bathroom. god they're so stupid. jie's insisting i move out. she said she'll pay for the deposit. "a lawsuit won't bring you back after your stupid roommate blows off your fucking head, betty"... good point.

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