December 26, 2003



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so i think the rash is itchy cuz it's dry? i dunno. doing pretty good now. random flare ups, but otherwise it's good.

went to the doctor. perscribed me stool softeners (twice a day) that look like little dayquil liqid gels (they're so pretty... little red bubbles. like how nemo was before he was born. mm. nemo.) and metamucil. didn't poo for two days on that regimin. yesterday randomly pooed after eating christmas dinner. owie :( yeah, i've got tearing and stuff and she (doc) said that i should make my poo so soft it's nearly liquid (ok, burn...) so it can heal. well, not softening. i've got like bionic crap or something. stupid. gaah. well. i'll keep up with the water/metamucil/softener thing and hope it gets better. my poor butt. i don't want permanent scarring for life... that'd be so sucky :(

traffic still sucks driving to work. when i finally get up, that is. yeah. supposed to be in at 11am... didn't get up till 12 so i got in at 1pm. wednesday i was supposed to be in at 11, didn't get up till 12, got to my sister's at 1:30 for a ride, she had to watch law and order and so i got to work at like 2:15 and everyone had gone for the day. oops. but yeah. stupid holiday shoppers keep running the red and making gridlock. pissers. why can't i get up. 4 hours used to be enuf. hell, i'd run off of two if i had to. now it's "oh god... only 10 hours... i can't funcion... need... the... full... 12..." it's bad. shit. i have to work tomorrow. oh wait. yeah. nevermind.

i never mentioned the fraud. i finally got it cleared up today and it was cancelled. yeah. someone opened an at&t account under my name. oo. identity theft. bound to happen sooner or later. everyplace in the world has my social. well and account was opened. not much talking went on on it. it's closed now. the end.

jon wanted to know what i wanted for christmas. i forgot what i said. then he said "no, really. what do you want." and i said "uuuuuh... a FROG!" i love that word. "i want a costa rican tree frog. they're so cute." "but they're not cuddly. aren't they poisonous?" "i want to wake up and be able to point and yell 'FROG!' to start my day" "uh... ok..." anyway. so the day scampers in... jon got me a gigundonormous (ok, normal sized) poster of a tree frog! it's so funny. it's going above my bed. so i can go "FROG!" but it's not there looming at me when i'm trying to go to bed. it's kinda scary if you stare at it cuz it's so big. cute, but big. those webbed little feet... i hate ants. they're gross.

david got me this really cute book. it's called everything men know about women by dr. alan francis. it's hilarious. super good. you should go to a bookstore and see it.

i was on a jelly belly craze and i wanted jon to get me some at costco but it's a 4 pound bag (jesus) so i said "er.. nevermind." cuz i know i'll get sick of them before i even get twenty beans down. well, i got some jelly beans from sallie, jon's grammie. yay :) supah coo!

i spent christmas morning at jon's. it was such a long day yesterday. christmas eve we stayed up till like 2am wrapping gifts. the day the kids woke up at like 8am to open presents. yeah. they're all 16-18 years old. you'd think they'd start the whole sleeping in thing, but no. gotta wake betty up at 8am. with the dog. in my face. pisser. anyway. there were so many presents. for a family of 6, there was more presents there than i'd seen for the stokes gatherings of twenty or more people. everyone had like 6-10 presents. it was insane. i got a lot too. it was great fun. it was stress free and it was nice. then noon came. mommy was all "come by by 11am. people will be coming then and they will leave early. so be there." well it was 11am and jon was like "i'm gonna make an omelet" and he had already broken the eggs and i was like "dude, we gotta goooo" and he was like "ooomeleeeet" and i was like "ggnnnnnrrrrrg" and so i went and huffily packed all our shit (it was like 4 giant bags full) and started packing it into my car (it was so hard) all mad cuz he wasn't helping. well, he was doing laundry and eating. but i didn't care. i was mad. we finally left and were out the door at like 12-12:30. we got to my mom's at 1pm. no one was there. ok, uncle billy was there. that's it. i was so pissed for getting so pissed and stressed. grr. people started showing up at like 2pm. it was pretty stressful. i didn't have too much fun. it i was nice seeing people, i guess, but there was too much going on and too much talking. jon was sleepy and tummy grumply all day so he was blah and depressing. i was bitter and stressed and irritable and he kept going "god, could you complain more?" all obnoxious like and i was ready to beat him. jie got me a digital camera but she hates it and only got it cuz she wanted me to open something. we're swapping it for the one she wanted to get, but since it was online only she got the one in the store as a temporary fix. i took some pictures with it anyway and it was fun but they're erased from the camera and it's ready to go back.

at the end of the day mommy was washing a giant crystal bowl and it slipped and chopped her finger. people were all "oooh sandy cuuut her sellllf" and jie and i were like "*sigh* not again..." and then mommy goes "ok, nancy betty, clean up, we're going to the hospital" and jie and i were like "damn it. she's serious."

mommy ended up getting three stitches. they chopped her finger down to like the first notch and they split the nail and had to sew it back together. poor mommy didn't really realize how much it was and so she didn't ask for codene or anything... she's miserable now. can't wash it for two days and in 10 she's gotta go back to get the stitches out. sucky. we cleaned the house and jon, jie and i were tired. jie went home and jon and i waited around cuz eben and his girl kerry were there and he doesn't have a key so we waited. ma, uncle phil and uncle billy came back (uncle billy drove) and they discovered a big ant pile on the island. it was disgusting. mommy broomed them away while praying and it was ok. they came back, but shh, i didn't say anything. uncle billy went home and we watched "bad advice" and then "finding nemo." mommy liked it. her thumb started hurting. she was sad.

jon got me usb2 card. it has four more slots. yay :) i keep using a hub and extenders on my usb1 and it's all slow and putt putt. also, my phone charger is usb and so i can't really charge it correctly off of a hug and so this usb2 thing will make it so i can charge my phone well.

mm. pumpkin pie. i must go out and get one. craving. *drool*

dan burke started a new site for the stokes family. er, clan. it's called i want to go to ireland now.

really wanna move out now. carol and dale never clean up before they leave. they've got rotting apples on the counter and dirty dishes in the sink. last time there were rotting vegetables that were dripping in the drawer. it's really getting me irritated. grr. mad. if we change to a one bedroom it'll be $675 with a $300 deposit. i think we could manage that. unless jon loses his job on new years. new years he either becomes full time or else fired. no pressure. shit.

the place is a mess. i need to clean up so badly. i'll have... no... i won't have a day off... well, new years. i'll clean then? i'll try. and after work tomorrow. if i'm not passed out sleeping that is... it's really bad. and now that we have 5 more full bags of stuff... damn it where is it all going to go?!

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