December 28, 2002; Saturday

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been a while.

i got two jobs and did school full time last semester and pulled off a 2.8 or something. i work now at copymax and department of health, employed by csus foundation. it's nice there. copymax however i'm dying to quit. but i need it to get money.

weather's nice. pouring and windy out. jon's probably driving like a psycho. great. oh. he got a new car. totalled the other... some taxi driver from vacaville ran a red light, jon hit him, and then the taxi drove off. dumbass. but someone called the taxi driver in and so i hope he got some hit and run charge on his record. jon on the other hand... he has a 2000 carolla now (vs his 97) and it's all sooped up.

all the chickens are gone but four. they either died or were sold. there are no more peacocks. chick chickity is one of the four. she doesn't remember jon or me. the two goats are fatter now and there are two sheep. they're pretty. victor (turkey) is huge.

jon and i are going downhill. we're still together, but i'm sure it's over soon. no matter how much i try and make myself believe a ring would change things, it won't. no matter how much jon things that i'll change from being my bitchy, bratty, "everything MY way" self, i'm not going to. apparently i see no good in anyone. i found that out today. i told jon that i see so much bad in jon's so called "friends" and don't consider them friends, but see none of the good that he sees, and he shot back "well it's like that with everyone." "what?" "it's not like you see any good in anyone." oh. that's nice. good to know. didn't know that about myself.

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