December 30, 2003



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"confidential" signs are so funny. it's like... an envelope. a plain envelope. i don't give a crap what's inside. but once a "confidential" label is slapped on it? my curiosity is stirred and i want to read it. and they make those envelopes yellow too. may as well make it hot pink. i mean... "don't read this because the information is special" makes me want to read it more. you know? and, ofcourse, it almost always ends up being something stupid, like it says someone's name or something. who cares.

i was looking at aim infos again and nathan's had this super great site. it's the smallest site in the world or something like that... it has pacman... mini! play. it's great. i want it on my site but i can't figure out how to put it there so small. that whole website is like that. main is at

i still seem to be pooing in two day intervals. last time i tore my butt again and i made the toilet clog. stupid shit. i hate it. why isn't it getting better. grrrrr.

i'm seriously starving right now. and i only have starburst to eat. it's so not helping.

obsessed with "denki blocks" right now. trying to beat all the levels and get the special shapes and three of a kinds and stuff. driving me crazy with some of the levels. jon and i decided that this one level is definitely impossible last night. bah. stupid.


since i got a digi cam from jie (it takes videos!) i think i'll be having pictures more often again. problem is is the resolution's like... super good and so the files are mongo hugeo and since it's so good i don't want to lessen it but at the same time it doesn't work well with the internet and how it takes forever and a day to load a 1mb picture... especially on dial up. oh god that would suck. i've got pictures up of my babies now. i lost the images of the ratties that are full sized, so that sucks... the small ones are there tho. woah. someone just let out a psycho cackle. creepy.

nosy's at work with me today. gina saw him in the photos i took and she wanted to see it. first when priscilla saw the pic she was like "i like your cat! it's cute!" and i was like... uh... it's not a cat... but yeah. he flipped out this morning getting him in the carrier but he's calmed down and is all mellow now. he does that for company. for me? nah. all hell breaks loose. he's totally not pooing now either. well... i hope he's not constipated... but i was carrying him around to show him off and he didn't poo once in like 15 minutes. that's amazing, for all of you that don't know nosy.

uh oh. my eye's been burning again. not good. pain. ow. Xp. ow.

jon gave me a ride today to work so i'm waiting to be picked up. i'm so hungry. i'm ready to start gnawing on the cpu. ok wait... it belongs to the state... it shall not be bait. OH! CRACKERS! yay. i have cheddar wheat crackers. joy of rapture. they're old, but it's ok.

oh. here's that frog poster: hee hee. FROG!

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