December 8, 2003



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activity of the day: go to google and type in "miserable failure." now click "i'm feeling lucky"

i got some things i stole from the internet. i downloaded them so they'll be around forever even if the site shuts down... i think it's illegal... but it's so coooool. and i lost the original url. oops. coolest is bubble wrap pop pop pop! i got this from nathan's brother, (nolan)'s info on aim.

i have so many things that pop in my head that i want to write here everyday but i never do and now i can't remember anything now that i have a second to type. well, i finished two of my four papers. i've got six pages of a 6-8 page paper for english and i feel i've barely touched on my point. hunh. i'm two pages into a... uh... 2-4 page paper for government. i have like three finals. not too bad. school year's ending quick. last day of classes is thursday... then i have finals on monday and tuesday. nothing for w-f. joy... funki.

so apparently all classes are full already. i register tomorrow. freshman and graduating seniors were registering back before thanksgiving. wtf. not fair.

i think i'll barey get 15 units if i'm lucky. i'm applying for a county job where i'll be BUSY with data entry (not like dhs i hope...) and get like $10 starting pay. that'd be nice. real nice. and it's supermuch close to home. same building where mommy works.

nosy's been pretty good lately. he'll sit in my arms when i get him and he won't kick too much. he ate all the buttons off of my stereo remote so there's no numbers or words on them, but it's ok. i can still figure it out. the ratties are being bad. they've bit throught the power cable of the router twice now. completely. i don't understand how they haven't been fried yet. maybe the router doesn't use that much power? i don't know. but they keep eating thru cords. nosy would nibble to the core, but the girls go all the way through so it's not fixable. they went and killed my phone charger and i was whining but jon went and fixed it... and made it into a usb charger. so now i can charge my phone wherever i am and just plug it into my lappie. he's also got a converter adapter so usb can be plugged into the wall. soooo super cool. aristotle's my super cute good baby. i love my goober.

made stuffed bell peppers with jon yesterday. they were ok. tofu, onion, garlic, tomato, bell pepper, sherry. flavorful. a bit too peppery tho. i don't think they cooked enough if you ask me. i gave one to jie and mommy. i hope they liked them.

i have to pee.

so i think i'll be staying at my apartment for a good long time. i want to stay there until i'm ready to BUY a house. i'm pretty well adjusted to it, it's close to everything, and besides... now i don't have to pay anoter deposit. i'll just... lose $400 once. heh. i'll have to dish out $200 to give to carol tho. better than $400-600 tho, i guess. yeah. dale and carol are bugging me. they leave shit covered dishes in the sink and i'm left with a sink with dishes covered in mush to wash. they use my pots and pans and don't wash them. they leave crumbs and stuff all over the counters. it's really making me mad. i complain at night to jon and i think they hear me, and jon goes "i think they can hear you" and i say "good" because apparently carol doesn't like how nosy craps everywhere and also how i make all these rules as if it's just my house. well, yeah, nosy craps everywhere. every night i vaccuum as much of it as i can with the dustbuster. i didn't before, but i am now. the rules are because it practically IS my place. before she would only be there m-th and then go home or to dale's for the weekend. none of her mail goes here and she NEVER cleans the place. granted i'm there all the time, but still. once or twice would be nice. it's a rarity she'll take out the trash and that's if i bag it first. she wonders why i treat her like a kid? it's cuz she and dale act like it. they don't clean up after themselves and they're irresponsible like kids. act like it and you'll be treated like it.

so yeah. if they hear me, that's good, cuz apparently if i voice my opinion to her face i'm being controlling. i'm sure they do hear me, the walls are hellamuch thin (crap. i said hella.) but they obviously don't listen. and if they hear me and don't listen? beig childish again. more the reason for me to treat them like they're children. gah it's annoying being the parent...

jon and i have been discussing stuff about kids lately... i can't remember what started it... but we'll go "we're not doing that with our kid" or "we're making sure they do this from birth" and stuff like that. we've been talking about this dream house we're going to build for a long time now.

some things are... completely hose downable floors with a drain, outlets that hang from the ceiling and can drag around the room like those hospital curtains, jamba juice blender in the counter, deep trough of a sink in the garage, two part deep sink in the kitchen, knives that only sharpen when it's jon's fingerprints... stuff like that.

i'm so broke. not really. i'm getting money from mommy anyday now. but i say i'm broke anyway. i'm not rich. that's more like it. i'm so not rich. ha.

damn it. i should probably read the book i'm supposed to be writing the paper on. i'm barely half way through. it's due tomorrow. oops. heh. k. reading now...

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