january 11, 2001; thursday


hmmm... been ages eh? yup. longer than i thought cuz i wrote an entry the 27th of december that i never put up. i was... um... quite... upfront. yes. mean. me? mean? naaaah. but anyway. i'm writing this for chris. i hear you wanted me to update eh? so here you go.

oooooooooooooo. so girly!!! i got my nails done on tuesday and neil came up. my nails are already growing out. i wish my hair grew as fast as my nails. oh. i trimmed my hair on monday.

work is over for me on the 15th. i made about $1,500 these past months... how much is in the bank? none. yeesh. all gone. i went down in my bank account. i have pretty much no money left. i guess there's no hope for me paying my tuition eh? heh... *ahem* and definitely no car. bleah. oh well.

i was checking out my schedule for this semester and i don't have any days off. damn. suckiness. but i have days that i end early or that i only have one class. so... i guess i can work then. and i'm gonna work on weekends. not all of it. just... one day or so. i'm determined to be outgoing and meet people this time around. starting new. yes. and i gotta think deeply about summer school. i wanna graduate sometime within the next 10 years :p

oh yeah. since school's starting again and i'm moving back the week of the 21st i'll be updating a lot more. and the month section won't be stuck on december. yes. i noticed i haven't touched my page. no time! so tired... sleepy... gaaah... work in two hours... rest now.

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