January 11, 2004


6:02 PM

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insurance still is being stupid so i still have the allergy flu. it's not as bad now tho. i can breathe thru my mouth occasionally so it's good.

you know, i didn't really think about it but since it got cold(er) the zombie kids from hell across the way haven't been out much anymore. yay :) another reason i love the cold.

stupid customers today. two specifically. well, one stupid, the other retarded and a bitch. so. the first one. this old man. mumbled off about how the machine mixed up his originals. ok, well i can't do anything about it. so then he goes off on how "the machine's no good. yup. there's a dark line. see? yeah. no good. the copy is no good. yup. this one. no good. see? see? dark line. no good. and this one. no good. yeah. dark line. no good." ok, shut up. so then he goes to the next machine and it needed to warm up. i told him, "this one can work, all you have to do is" "i told you, that machine's no good" "no, you just have to lighten the sett-" no, i don't want to deal with that." "well, that's how you get it to work." "no, i want to use this one." so i go over there and make it so the settings are lighter "what are you doing, don't do that, i don't want to deal with that" "well it'll have the dark band if you don't" i was getting annoyed. he looks at me with this ugly ass expression "well don't you have ANY machines that work?" "LOOK. you just LIGHTEN the SETTING" "i don't want to--" "LIGHTEN it and IT WILL WORK" and i left. copies worked after that. god i wanted to sock him so bad to make his ugly face a little better.

next customer. she's a repeat. she's known for trying to scam us. yeah. i found that out for myself today. jessica rodriguez. she's been driving everyone crazy. i didn't mind her much until tonight. she was just a customer who wanted everything perfect. and that's fine, i can do that. well this time she's all "this page is missing and they were all punched the wrong way. make these books again." to these books i KNOW i did correctly to how she wanted them. ok, fine. we redo them. yeah. not good again. and there's these postcards she wanted. "they're cut lopsided. they're no good" and so i'm like "ok, you can use the other half, the long ones, those can be cut" "well i shredded all of them" "oh. well, the longer ones could have been used." "what, are you going to PAY me to go back to davis? my time is valuable. i CAN go back to get them, but you'll have to pay me to go all the way back. nobody told me of this (that longer ones could be used) blah blah i'm a bitch." "oh, ok. well i was just saying. it's fine." "LOOK, MANAGERS make the decisions, not YOU. now i'm a salty person right now, so i suggest you not try to challenge me." woah. ok. she goes to geoff, the manager, and bitches that i stepped the bounds and went in her space by trying to challenge her. "she immediately accused me of doing something wrong. as an associate one should give the customer the benefit of the doubt (ok, we WOULD if there wasn't a history of you coming and insisting jobs were fucked up when they were correct when they left our hands) and not judge. she was judging." ooookay. well geoff is like "she is SUCH a bitch..." (oh god geoff is funny) and he went off how she's full of shit and i'm like "yeah, it's all bullshit" cuz she wanted a cd made of stuff i've already made her a cd of and yesterday the other manager, crystal, made her a cd of it all too. she's just mooching us. and for some stupid reason the other staples in natomas fucked it up for us because apparently she gave them sandwiches and lunch or something for doing jobs for her and she called them bribes later on so they're in a ton of shit and can get in trouble with the law so allll this work we've done for her is free. out of our store pocket. what the fuck. she pisses me off. and now that she's all blowing up at me? oooo. not good on my side. i was ready to sock her too. ugly moody lying bitch.

i've been pooing... oh... every two days. still real backed up tho. lower back hurts mucho. i'm going to take this magnesium citrate stuff... i have no idea what it is. jon got it for me. i drink a bottle of it and a bottle of water and it's supposed to make things flow? i don't know. i don't work tomorrow so it'll be ok. i just have to wait for ups (i got snacks. mmm. crackers.) man so i can just vegg and poo.

i hate people.

jie officially is "with" aaron now. italian guy from jacksonville. he's nice. i guess? i don't know. seems ok to me. good personality. anyway. going to dinner with them now.

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