January 14, 2004


3:38 PM

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happy birthday, sallie!

jon's nana, sallie, is 90 today! wow. that's really... er... old... crazy. it was said she wouldn't get past like two years ago but here she is, still kickin' :) she's the cutest woman. all smiles and love. so sweet. jon got her a bonsai camilia... she was sacramento's first camilia queen way back when.

oo. so after i left on sunday jessica and the new manager eddie fought i out. christina said that khae said that he could hear the two going at it from the break room all the way on the other side of the building behind a few walls. crazy. anyway. jessica was all threatening to get eddie fired before he even started (right... someone's on a power trip...) and then eddie was all "don't come back for copies" so she's not allowed to get anything done at our copy center anymore. yay! i gave geoff two cookies before i went to dinner on sunday. i think he appreciated it. poor guy was all ruffled up and frumpy. it's all over now tho. yay :)

if all goes as planned i'm going to go see "big fish" on saturday with jie, aaron and jon. jon's lanning or something on sunday. jon starts school on tuesday. i'm planning on snowboarding on next friday (23rd) with aaron from italian class and a million of his friends, and school starts on the 26th. yuck.

so i took the wpe on the 7th. it said the results will be back by the 19th? that's pretty soon, i think. well, i wanna know what i got. like 7-12 is passing (out of 12 points) and i'm sure i at least got a 7. it was about tuition hikes and stuff and how we should deal with them.

ok. magnesium citrate. that was was SO awful. i almost threw up. it was salty and synthetic and oily and bubbly with a fake sense of citrus. it was so horrid. oh crap i'm feeling nauseous writing about it. i was like "i'm gonna do this. i'm gonna down it." i chugged half the bottle without letting myself taste it... but then i unclugged me nosey and i could taste it. then the burps came. every burp was the stuff. it was so horrid. i kept doing that pre-puke gag thing when your toungue flaps out and your mouth goes "horf"... you know. anyway. i shoved some cookies and stuff in my mouth and then we went to dinner and i shoved an egg tart in my mouth and bread. finally it went away. but shit. i can still taste it. oh god. jon. so he comes home after i've dranken it. he takes a sip. "it's not TOO bad..." takes another sip. what the hell. so he ends up drinking like 3 inches of liquid. "hey, if i'm putting you thru a horrible experience, i'm going to try it too." sweet, but... stupid. i don't know. well, he was all runny the next day but he held it back. is that safe? i don't know. well i pooed that night a normalish poo and that was it. nothing special. stupid crap. no more citrate for me. *GAG* ew.

i'm so jealous of teen stars. they're all 15 and stuff and getting millions for a movie and they're working and are loaded and stuff. bah. not fair :( i want to be rich. don't we all... *sigh* so sucky.

ok. so i've been playing around with dreamweaver and stuff and i've worked out some roll over images of aristotle. i've put them on a picture page but i haven't really posted them yet until i decide how i'm going to work it all out. it's layed out so i needed to make 4 copies of each image and about 12 webpages for the links and images. yeesh. anyway. it's here... it's the only link there is. see, i'm thinking of making a separate page for each baby but i don't know. i'd have to change all the current links that i have for them and move each image to a new folder and stuff. my pictures folder is ginormous right now and i don't want it to be so big it take days for it to load so i'm trying to folder it and make it more tidy and load friendly. yeah. web talk. i must learn javascript. so hard. so difficult. so tough. must learn.

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