january 17, 2001; wednesday


brrrrrr it's cold. i got me a new jacket. i'm sick. i think i was online too long on... um... yeah. yesterday morning. i was feeling crappy and couldn't sleep cuz too much stuff was boggling my mind then neil imed me. and then noah. and noah showed more concern than neil. course he has to do twice as much as everyone else to get my attention cuz i don't want to talk to him and he knows it. still. and then nathan knew i was down just from iming me and he tried cheering me up. and neil randomly left. then noah. and then it was around 3am. i told nathan i had to go to bed cuz my head hurt and it was cold. and he said he just wanted to cheer me up and all he wanted was for me to smile. and he got me to. so he said he was glad. i woke up yesterday at 12pm and brought jeffrey and jonathan to booger king and we ate. then we went scootering and i went blading and then we came back and they went to piano. jie picked me up and we went to planned parenthood again for her. i got back at 5pm and i slept. and slept. they called me for dinner at 7pm and i woke up but went back to sleep. up at 8pm again and then i got up to brush my teeth and scrub off some eye makeup and changed and tried to sleep. i was exhausted still but couldn't sleep. i rolled around for a few hours and at 11pm i got out of the covers and slept on the bed. it's comfier that way. i layed there and fell asleep. i got up again at 10am today and showered. did my laundry and ate some and now it's now. i feel like crap. it's cold.

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