January 19, 2004


2:00 AM

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banana. mmm. banana gooood.

at jeremy's now. lan. been here since... 8:30pm ish. they played some counterstrike and mine didn't work. ok. stupid me. i had my firewall on. dar. well jon had his on too. so we were there for like two hours trying to get newer versions of cs even tho we all have and then eric's all "dude, your firewall is on..." and jon was all "NRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!" yeah. there was a shy new guy named brandon, (john) foster, jc (john carey), paul, david, jon, eric, jeremy, (alex) lee, and dave. oh. and me. ha. yah. single girlie. wee. apparently some girl jeremy was bringing from berkeley was supposed to be here... but she isn't. meh.

i played some dynomite... then we played some quake 3. fun shit. i haven't played before. holy crap could it be faster?! shit. but it was fun. i was like 6th out of 10 or so :) paul kicks ass at the game and kept maxing out with the fragging (killing) but i managed to kill him three or four times. i was very proud. now the guys are playing q3f... a nerd-programmed tweak of the game. i couldn't handle it. i kept dying. so i quit. jon's all proud and happy he has the "coolest girlfriend" cuz i've been playing so many games. the guys were all doing something cuz the game would time out and i'd get bored and serve my own quake game and then all the guys joined. it was craaaazy killage. it was fun.

anyway... we've been listening to a kick ass streaming radio... http://www.psychedelik.com/ it's awesome. great quality.

saw "big fish" on saturday. it was a nice movie. i liked it. i was pissy from being so tired from snowboarding, but the movie made it a bit better. well acted. made me laugh, made me cry. jie and i were little bunnies exiting the theater.

ooo. boarding. i went with aaron (from italian) and his friends... rusty, aaron and arthur. arthur wore this fuzzy hat and i was calling him fuzzy then the name "farquad" came in my mind and i forgot who he was for a moment but started calling him it anyway. "but he's too tall to be farquad" oh yeah. farquad's short. "meh. oh well." still called him that. half way thru he had to pee and so on the slope he stopped, unstrapped, wandered to a bunch of trees, and pissed. he came out soooo happy. it was so great. aaron's good and so he took my camera and so we could take pics. rusty was about the same level as me and we kept biffin'. one point he was slippin down the hill and i was too and then crash. biff. he got up but i was like "no! let's get a picture!" so we sat back down and posed. it looks real tho. :) so much fun. aaron (aaron's friend aaron, not aaron aaron) kept making fun of my shortness. bitch.

so aaron insisted during the semester that every time he goes snowboarding there's someone that doesn't know how and he ends up lagging behind and teaching them. "i always teach the person..." "right. you can't teach me. i've had my patient cousin give up on me. i'm unhelpable." i've been 8 times and i can't turn on my toes. heels, no problem. toes? no. i biff. well... aaron is the man. hail to the man. he got me to get on my toes a few... no... MANY times. it was so exciting. i did 4 o 5 circles on my own. i was sooooo happy!!!!!!!! it was so great. doing so, i fell on the walkie talkie on my side... got a fatty bruise the size of my palm. thinking of doing daily pictures. i'll post them when i decide to mini the pics and stuff. marie let me borrow her volleyball kneepads and i didn't notice or feel my knees when i fell. it was great. i so wouldn't have improved without them. i would'a been all discouraged and pained from falling.

aaron has the super cutest pets. speedy the long haired chihuauaahahahaaa, digit the cat, and... crap... the other cat... starts with an h? i can't remember. but they're all real cute. digit is called digit cuz she has 7 toes or something on each paw. so cute.

jie lost mephistopholes. again. she took him out for a walk and he took off. :( i really hope he comes home... and i really really hope he's not in a tree.

holy crap. whenever red or blue scores it's so loud. jeremy's got his speakers turned up. everything's all a basic sound... then when it scores it echoes hugely "RED SCOOOOORES" and it booms and i can feel it in my heart. whoof. spooky.

i hate nipples. maybe i'll elaborate more later. i went off about them with aaron and farquad. nipples? bad. yes. whoo. i think i'll... finish my nanner, eat two cookies, and... oh... play a nice solo game of quake 3 :)

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