January 20, 2004


11:22 PM

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quote for the while: "throw some whites in the washing machine with a red sock......instant chinese new year clothing!" ~jeremy taylor

stayed up till 6am... then we went rock climbing at 10am. it was fun... but my forearms hurt now. my hands were hurtin' pretty bad too. but it's ok now. i just... can't fold clothes or lift anything or wave my arm. hurts to type too. i'm so weak. getting a subscription to the club tho on thursday with jon. he's determined to loose his flab... he's got two weight training classes (making it m-f for an hour or two in the morning) AND the club. yeesh. i'm so weak...

chinese new years is on thursday. randomly popped up. haven't even thought about it. my mom just called and was like "tomorrow's chinese new year!" and we're all like "woah! crap!"

my bruise is pretty damned ugly now. here. here's the progression so far:

the night of the fall three days later
1/17 1/20


phizzy's home now. little butt. he'd been chillin in a neighbor's yard and they took him in and called jie and she went and picked him up.

i passed my wpe! (written proficiency exam...) i got a 9... barely passing :) passing is 8-12. oo.

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