january 28, 2001; sunday


me and my chipow my outfit so i was all dressyish yesterday. everyone kept going "why are you so dressed up? where are you going? are you going somewhere?" well they didn't say all of that at the same time. and not EVERYONE said that. but yeah. people did. anyway.

i wanted to go to the bank but we didn't get there. we got up around 11:46amish and sat around till 12:10pm and then were finally ready at 12:45pm and then neil was sitting on his butt and we thought he was in the bathroom and then we went in and saw him there and he was all "oh. oops" (i made that up. i didn't go in. ca did and she said he was sitting there) and when i poked my head out he was just going to the bathroom to brush up and we didn't make it. so then we went to computer warehouse and i got a new mouse (optical... ooooo... red beam... *drooooool*) cuz mine was jacked up in moving. oh yeah. back in sac... moved back thursday. we moved our room around. more room now. yay! anyway. so then we came back and tesse came. neil invited her and whined afterwards. ca and i think he's in denial. he wants her. ha ha. yeah. anyway. ca and i ate and we talked to skye. he was hung over. he's silly. we met erika. she's pretty coo. she got a scholorship for rowing here... and has never rowed before. weeeeird. neato tho :] at night we went to albertsons and i got a ton of cup of noodles and instant lunches and wontons. wonton backwards is notnow. wonton? no thanks. not now. hee hee. funny. i made that up in 5th grade. wow i was so smart then! jon and eric got taco bell and we munched and i pigged and then everyone was gassy and neil had to come in ca and my room and get the room spray a million times. i showered and went to bed and the guys got the table and comps set up and did another all nighter of starcraft. i still don't understand it. it's boring.

neil was sleeping and i jumped on him and pet his head. i love it. it's all fuzzy. but he doesn't like it. so he covered his head. then i wondered where his head went cuz he moved again and i looked and i guess he thought i was going to touch his head again and he said "fuck off." not very nice :( meanie poo. i was offended. i went and cried for an hour. (not really. it's just i knew neil would read that and feel bad. k.)

i'm chatting with dale now. it's nice to hear from him. he's getting off of the bad stuff. yay! ca and i are happy :) hee hee. what he just said: "when i sit down on the toilet, mah booty blends in wit the seat, so i can't find it. so like it needs to change colors like the mighty cameleon"

tom's funny and random.

chris is coming in march. weee! excited. i think nick should come too. but i don't think he's going to. poo. oh well.

my cam doesn't work anymore cuz of the lan firewall. so that sucks my butt. oh well. i can update my page more now. nothing else to do... soooo boring. i gotta go job scouting. i have 13 units this semester. lazy? eh heh... yes... slightly. ceramics, drawing, astronomy, the lab for it, and magic/witchcraft/religion. so i think i'll work two days a week, 6-7 hours a day cuz i need (NEED) money, and cuz i'll prolly have the time. all classes end by 2:30ish on monday, wednesday and friday... so yeah. still need time for studying tho. astronomy had about 500 books and pamphlets to get. $107 for just the basic stuff. the two main books ($70 and $45) weren't in stock. sucky ass. oh well.

i could'a gone boarding yesterday and i was soooo close... but then i realized that i had no turtlenecks or gloves and i'd freeze my ass off and die. so i had to bail... it would'a been with tsg and chris. i felt bad. tsg damned me many times. oh well. next time. tsg got his friend to dedicate a sweatshirt design for me :) neato!

i want to model. eric says i'm "exotic" and if i were to do *ahem* MODELing (nakee!!!!) then i would get lotsa money. but i was just wondering about that. i think it'd be WAY too hard to get in to that cuz i hate being naked. *shudder* so now i'm looking around for agencies and stuff and i think i'm gonna start excercising (haaaa ha haaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and getting fit (having jie bring up my rollerblades since i can't run) and taking care of myself and getting a portfolio. jie says that if i'm serious then she'll fund me :) i'm kinda excited. i think it'd be fun to pose with clothes and stuff and be in magazines or clothes thingies. wee!

oh yeah. i went to wrestling for 3 days last week. this guy steve (frosh) is sooooo cute. nelly. anyway. so yeah. i was actually stronger then some of the freshman. i got thru the excercises and stuff. i was sore till yesterday. but yeah. i did it. so there. my arms are a bit toned now and i have a 4-pack. kinda leaving tho, but oh well. it was there. that's all that matters. i still have it. it's so sad... the varsity memebers are all infected with ring worm or sick. so the team when i was there was 6 people, all frehsman. the last "healthy" one was chad... and the second day i was there he discovered ring worm on his leg. so sad, so sad. i hope they get better for ccs :p

my tummy hurts. i think i'm hungry. so yeah. that's what's going on.

eeeeveryone'll be wearing their skirts like this. really. they will.

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