January 2, 2004


3:00 PM

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happy new year!

bah. so i signed up with livejournal.com and xanga today. both places my user name is FRUHD (dar) but livejournal.com wouldn't let me use caps so it's fruhd. stupid. anyway. links there are as follows:

http://www.livejournal.com/users/fruhd/ or http://www.livejournal.com/~fruhd/
http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=FRUHD or http://www.xanga.com/FRUHD

I have no idea how to use these stupid things and make them all pretty like so they're pretty plain and ugly right now. I managed to figure out how to get my livejournal one pink tho. So there's some color I guess. This will still be my MAIN journal place tho, ofcourse. I wouldn't feel right abandoning my jourants that I made all by myself. Who needs a fancy shmancy name like "livejournal" or "xanga" (what the hell does that mean anyway) and some formatting and rings to have a journal? I don't. I'm just following the flow so I can leave comments on other journals :)

my head hurts so freakin bad. i'm SO congested. insurance crap was bugging me too much so i stopped getting my allergy shots. oh yeah. shots. i started getting shots again a while back... a shot in my right arm twice a week of cat and pollens. *SNUFF* mmmmm. allergens. they were totally working too. but insurance kept going "we don't know betty" and then "we need proof of school attendance" and then "we don't know who betty is" again and the bill was like $800 and then it was $1600 and then it was $350 (the receptionist is REALLY stupid) and i was like "fuck this" and so i stopped going. now i'm suffering. allegra's doing jack nothing and claritin's too expensive for me to keep buying... but i think i'll keep taking reditabs twice a day or so until i can figure out the insurance. i'll check back on monday.

goddaaaamn the vacation's almost over. nooooo :( oh wait... i still have until the 24th or so... hm. i need to go boarding. i haven't yet this season. my poor board is like "uuuuse meeee" and the evil bunny's like "i want snoooow" and then the face is all "i'm going to kill you" and it's like "AAAHHH!!!" you should see the bunny. it's evil i tell you, evil.

yay! jon was worried about his job. january 1st was the turning point to decide if he would either be fired or have a full time... and his schedule for this week is full time. Yay! 7 people or so were fired. ouch. good thing jon kicks ass. so i get presents now :) mee hee. yay! food for betty. we're gonna have a nice luxurious dinner tonight of honey barbeque wings from kfc and mini corn dogs from weinershnitzel. mmmmm. so yummy!

alright. well i just got a job to do at work (damn. i have to WORK?!) and so i must bring my stuffy self to the copy machine... poo poo baloo.

4:03 pm

stupid copying. anyway. it was quite insulting. the man who wanted it copied put on the post it "both sides. NEAT" and underlined neat. oh. i know the html. so it was "both sides. NEAT" and i was like... dude... i ALWAYS do it neat and pretty. pishaw. i wanted to burn the stupid book. ok, not that bad. but not too happy with that comment. >:[

i have to keep blowing my nose and it hurts. i like chocolate croissants. in the copy room i used there was a cookie with cinnamon on it. i ate it. it was pretty gross. but it made it so i could breathe and taste. so i've scampered back and eated my chocolate croissant that marie got from starbucks and i'm enjoying it. i didn't want to eat it while i couldn't taste. my back hurts and i'm dizzy and congested and my throat is on the verge of hurting again (it hurt real bad yesterday) but i swear it's allergies. watch. i'll come down with a temp and have the flu in a couple of days. that'd be fun. yeah.

new years was pretty uneventful. new years eve jon and i went to his house and watched "s.w.a.t." it was pretty good... not too gory/graphic but actiony. plot was thin, but that's ok. sat around and did a lot of nothing and then watched t.v. until it was new years. then we watched more t.v. and eric and kellie came over and watched fatal fury but i was passed out by then (1:30am or so). new years day was football day. there were chips and snacks and stuff but my throat hurt so i just gurgled and layed on the couch with my down comfortor, stitch, pillow and blankie. then jon wanted to sit. poo. oh well. got comfy. then we fell asleep. woke up. fell asleep. then i played game boy for like 3 hours. stupid denki blocks. i can't win. grrrrrr. then it was suddenly 10:30 and we were leaving to go to jie's to feed the kiddies (she's in san diego) and then got home and stuff. yeah. boring.

apparently jie went to tihihuana yesterday? i dunno. i forgot to ask if she really did. she went to san diego to visit her friend wes for a bit. i hope wes doesn't want anything from jie. jie's all into this guy, aaron. he has a two year old daughter. seems like a nice guy tho... i haven't met him yet. i need to. anyway. he's another armyish guy. what's with jie and going for the army guys with kids. geeze. i dunno. crap. i blew my nose and now my left ear is clogged. damn it.

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