february 12, 2001; monday


it was quite chilly and nilly today. it was raining and freezing and i wore my windbreaker pants and they absorbed all the water in the world and my legs froze. ca and i woke up to the sound of a car alarm going off. 10 times. in a row. it was so annoying. turns out he lost his keys with the kill switch to the alarm so he was trying to get it to work without it.

i like lifehouse. they are an awesome band. no bad songs. woooow.

i miss neil. it was a good day yesterday. it was simple but goo stuff happened. i got a tattoo of a bull and halo at 3pm and the people there were nice and there was a cuuuuute kitty. it was so fat and foofy and just... fluff. chris wasn't gonna come but then told us he would and i think it's final. and the best part was... neil talked to me :] he looked at me and talked to me. smiled too. it was so great. i was all happy and giddy. still am today. he got a haircut and is all cute. so mean. i can't touch it. fluffy hair. *giggle*

i'm bidding on a sharper image "q-ball" and i'm really excited. i think i'm gonna get it. $9.50. it's soooo cool.

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