February 12, 2004


5:47 PM

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song for the while: the darkness - "i believe in a thing called love"
it's so random and funny when he goes all high pitched. horkie.

totally addicted to gushers and tropical skittles right now. they are so bursting with flavor. BURSting. yeah. so good.

so i just went piss cuz... i had to go... and as i was washing my hands these two girls walked in... ok, there's this random chick standing in front of me wavering and just standing there... ok... yeah. gone. so they walk in to the bathroom, and one goes "oh, wait, i have to go to the bathroom real quick"... ok... so why did they walk in there in the first place? it's like going in to the supermarket and going "oh, wait, don't leave yet, i need to get some groceries." stupid.

been rock climbing every friday now. i cancelled my membership and am just going to go on fridays cuz... that's all i can. especially with the new job and all... 20 hours a week. no. i meant 30, not 20. yeah. so i work mw from 8:30 (ha, as if i can get up...) until 4:30, cuz then i have italian at 5:30. after class on tuesday i scuttle on over and work from 5-7. friday 8:30-7pm and saturday whatever i can make up after work at staples. shit. yeah, i know. anyway. i was talking about rock climbing. i'll be tight after climbing and it'll hurt to drive for 45 minutes, but then i'll be fine. maybe i don't work as long/hard as jon, i don't know, but he's always still sore after and his hands hurt for a long time after. maybe he's just weak :p

so now that the weather is better the fucking kids across the way are out again. damn the good weather. i swear. the ten of them take shifts "ok, you five, scream at the top of your lungs from 8am-11am. us five will do it from 11am-2pm. nap time will follow." stupid kids. i hate the parents/adults there for letting the little obnoxious farts out.

it's been like raccoon month or something. everyday almost i'll see another fresh raccoon roadkill. it's so sad. the little fluffy grey and white and black all blubbered over and bloody with its guts spread out along a 4 foot span... it's so gross. yesterday two racoons were going at it for like 5 minutes, then jon went out and shooed them away. sounded like someone was dying. it was so loud. (going at it as in fighting, not doing the nasty.)

you know what's driving me crazy? stupid kid commercials. mostly car commercials are doing it. the owners think it'll be cute to get their kids or something advertising for them. so this 4 year old stammers out in this ear piercingly high pitched voice the entire commercial, going on about their cars that are on cheap prices... what the fuck stupid, you're 4. you don't sell cars. shut up. it seriously bugs the crap out of me. i'll be sitting there and the shrill little voice will come on and *foomp* out goes the crap.

i have been doing SO bad in school. what is it... like the third week? yeah. and i've missed anthropology three times and sociology twice. yeah. not good. i was thinking of just dropping anthro, but then i can't use the books again and it'll be a total waste. i'll see. if i really can't then i will... but i'll have to wake up at 8:30 soon (right) and so if i get used to that (riiiiight) then 10:30 shouldn't be a problem anymore... right? right. riiiiiiiight.

so i have a sticky here that i wrote what i wanted to write on my next journal entry. it's really old. i wanted to write like three weeks ago. anyway. here goes:

so jon went thru my mail when i was out and opened all the junk mail. "betty, i took out the labels from the march of dimes mail and threw out the sheet begging for money. also, the letters and bills are over in that pile, and i threw out the junk mail. i'm your msn butterfly." it was so cute. i have my own personal butterfly :)

so i randomly thought of that random 80's saying "gag me with a spoon." adding that to my rememories page.

so it was getting old and raining and all these girls were doing this retarded scarf-hat thing. they'd have the scarf draped around and then had an end over their head like a hat or something to sheild their hair from rain. god it looks retarded. they're retarded. stupid girls.

why'd i write chicken. and eat out. i have no idea. so that's it for now. well, class is started so i guess i'll stop. i GUEEEEEss. yeah. bye.

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