february 13, 2001; tuesday


i won! i won i won i WOOOON!!!! i'm getting a q-ball. yaadeeehoooo! neil's super cute today. jeremy got two dozen flowers for shannon and is surprising her with them tomorrow. he's going at 7am and is gonna leave 'm on the bed for her. so sweet :) justin made a really cute and pretty v-day gift too for his sweetie *ahem*. yeah. no comment. but it's pretty. my tattoo isn't pink anymore. noah asked me today what it is. uh... the picture had a label on it. sheesh. oh well. i'm so tired.

neil was totally mongolly talking to me yesterday. i sat on his bed and when he came back i got off and he looked at me and said i could sit there. he sat there too. and we (jeremy, shannon, jon, neil, me) watched a romantic episode of "plastic surgery gone wrong." this one part they showed this lady with big legs and her skin flapping off and gangly and yellow and then we were all "eeeeew!" and then this needle thing going thru the skin and then neil freaked and he fell on me. it was weird. but i'm happy he's talking to me again.

valentine's is tomorrow. incase you didn't know. once again i'm by myself. i've only had a valentine once. nathan. so sad. oh well. i don't need anyone. my cow is good enuf. his leg is like an arm. yeah, i have this obsession with arms (not sexually, so stop thinking that way) and i love hugging them. whaaat. it's comforting. ok. four hours of astronomy coming up... gotta go get some layers for watching (weather seems nice enuf today) and my to go box from the d.c. oh. ca and i went crazy and got a to go box of beans yesterday. the meat cutting guy is funny :)

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