February 16, 2004


4:44 PM

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whoo. ok. so ugly ass old woman with hair growing out of a wart (yeah, one of those. i know.) comes up to me with this blue print kind of thing. it was graphite on blue graph paper and some layout or something. anyway. it was four pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" paper taped together. she comes up and stands at the counter "will this go thru the fax if i fold it?" "well... how do you want to fold it?" "any way it will fit" and she gives this ugly fake grin. oh. she reminded me of that ugly woman in "throw momma from the train." anyway. i tell her no, and that if she folded it it'd be one piece of paper and all four wouldn't go through. "ok, so what am i supposed to do?" "well, you need to make copies of each section." her nose flares and her eyes get big and she huffs "well you're VERY unhelpful." uh... ok... how is that? i didn't understand. i was pretty peeved by her little outburst which didn't make sense. i told her what would happen and told her how to fix it and she was all upset and huffy. whatever.

later on man that couldn't speak english came in. wanted a copy of this book, front and back. said in color. then i said "in color?" and he looked at me like i was stupid, "no, this is in black and white." "ok. so no color" "color." "color?" "no, black and white." ok. what ever. so i did it in black and white. "16." "16 copies?" after i make one. i go back "you need to make again?" "what?" "cover again?" "you wanted 16" "no, 16 in book." "oh. 16 pages?" "yes." "oh. ok." i cut off the extra edges cuz the book was smaller than the page size and he lays out a bunch of cd covers. "color." "i can't do those in color" "you say color." "no, i can't. they are CAH-PEE-RIGHT-ED" "machine broke? no machine? you say you have color." "yeah. i have the machine, but this is copyrighted. see?" I pointed to the c with the circle around it. "i can't copy it. it's ILLEGAL." "you now copy? why?" "it's cah-- ungh. here." i went and got a pamphlet on copyright issues. i give it to him. he gets this "you fucking retard" grin on his face and goes "you think i understand?" and he chuckles. "why no copy." oh my fucking god. he was giving me attitude. ok, dipshit. it's not my fault that you came to this country and didn't learn the fucking language. go and take a class. i finally finished his stupid job. he paid with credit card. and showed me his shiny license. how the fuck do people get licenses if they can't read or undersand the language. that's so fucking stupid. his language isn't like spanish or french where it's written the same so if he wanted he could spell out words in his own language, it was like a bunch of squares and dashes and lines and shit. so english probably made no sense. fuck tard. well i put his copies in an envelope and help someone else. i go back to the counter after like 10 minutes and see an envelopes. low and behold, they are his fucking copies. oooo i was pissed. well he comes back later with attitude and points to his empty plastic bag that he came with. "where are my copy?" "right there" i said as i pointed at them. "oh. ha ha" and he smiles and does that "silly me!" thing and bops his head. oh god. so now you're trying to be funny, mister tight wad? no, i don't think so. i looked at him with a flat look. he went away. i hate people.

i saw the greatest license plate the other day. on the top it says

"welcome to california"
"now go home."

woo. it was so perfect. loved it.

so i got the new county job. i start on the 23rd. that's... uh... this monday. it sucks. i had to quit both of my jobs. i have a "going away" party thing at dhs on friday. gene (boss/supervisor guy) found out it was my two weeks and he decided he wanted me in every possible day until the day. so i came in monday wednesday and friday last week and this week wednesday and friday (monday was a holiday) with friday being my last day. crazy stuff. i put in my two weeks at staples on saturday. i'm sad. i like that job. hate the people, but like the job. i love organizing and blocking and the people there are cool. the guys were being all mean to me tho. charles was calls me "quitter" now and he'd give me attitude. dave started calling me "B Money" (he's D Money). he got mad too. after a day of knowing i was leaving "you know, i'm pretty bitter too. you can't leave." and they were all shrug offy to me. i'd ask'm to do me favors and they'd do that "what, you think i'm your slave?" look but do it. it's all jokey, but sad. but yeah. the new head manager, eddie, is funny. god. geoff is so hilarious. he cracks me up so bad. reminds me of... oh... shit... there was someone before... i can't remember. maybe i'll remember later. oh. barry. no, not barry... barry scared me too much... oh. one of my teachers... gaaaah who was it?! aahhhh. ok. well. he's funny. the things that he says. and he does it with such a valley girl attitude... i wonder if he's gay... i think he's married. i don't know. funny tho. i like him. so yeah. quit both jobs. county starts monday... i'll be an intermediate clerk typist... ict. i'll be getting $11 something an hour and i must work 30 hours a week. so here's my new schedule (get ready):

monday: work from 8:30 (right) to 4:30pm, class from 5:30-7:20, go home and do home stuff (eat and sleep and homework and clean)
tuesday: class from 10:30am to 4pm and then go to work to work from 5-7pm.
wednesday: work from 8:30 to 4:30, class from 5:30-7:20, home stuff.
thursday: class from 10:30-8:50pm.
friday: work from 8:30-7pm
saturday: work from 8:30-7pm or whatever i can
sunday: rest day to do house shit and homework

god i'm gonna die. i'm so busy. i'm sitting in my car now typing this. i have no time. i'm so fucking behind in class work. i'm still on like page one in my anthro book. i think they're on like chapger 3 or something. ooops. and i've missed 4 lectures (out of 6) and so i'm screwed for the test in two weeks. yeah. shit. i need to catch up in SO much reading...

i love my karate class. uechi ryu or something... it's so great. i like the teacher. she's cute. i think i'll take it again next semester and i'll also enroll in a class over break or something. i started getting in to shape i think... went down to 101 for a few days. then i ate crap and now i'm 105 again. i know, not big, but it's not 101. i want to be 100. not 90s anymore, 100. so i'm close. just some more activity and more regular poos and i'll be good... yeah, so my poos now have blood inside too. yeah. praaaaaabably not too healthy...

valentine's. it was a good night. jon and i went and got a heart shpaed pizza from papa murphy's... oh shit there's the grossest girl in front of me. she's skinny like but her pants are WAY too tight, like she's a 3 but she's wearing kids size 12 or something, so they are to low and fat just flows over. it's so repulsive. anyway. heart shaped pizza, got a movie ("where the heart is"), jon found out i haven't seen "blast from the past" so he turned around and rented that too, we went to safeway and got a giant heart shaped cookie (i've ALWAYS wanted a giant cookie...) and then went home to bake the pizza, watch the movie, eat the cookie, and cuddle. it was good. pizza was a little too not salty (in english: "it wasn't salty enuf") and the cookie... eh... not too good. it was a cookie and it was exciting that i was finally getting my giant cookie, but it was a bit much. i realize now that i like the normal cookie. i eat two or four and i feel a sense of completion of eating the entire cookies. here i had a chunk and i felt queasy and i hadn't even finished it. there's still a fatty bit left. i don't want to finish it. so note to me: no more giant cookie ever again. well, unless it's mrs. field's and there's a party. :)

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